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Montreal Homeowners Brace for Summer Pest Invasion: SOS Extermination Offers Expert Guidance

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Montreal Homeowners Brace for Summer Pest Invasion: SOS Extermination Offers Expert Guidance

June 24
19:39 2024
Montreal Homeowners Brace for Summer Pest Invasion: SOS Extermination Offers Expert Guidance

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Montreal Homeowners Brace for Summer Pest Invasion: SOS Extermination Offers Expert Guidance

MONTREAL, QC – As the warm summer months approach, Montreal residents are increasingly concerned about protecting their homes from unwelcome insect invaders. Local pest control experts at SOS Extermination have stepped forward with timely advice for homeowners looking to safeguard their properties against the seasonal surge in pest activity.

Recent data from the Montreal Public Health Department indicates a 15% rise in pest-related complaints over the past year, with summer months seeing the highest concentration of reports. This trend has put exterminators in Montreal on high alert, prompting renewed efforts to educate the public on effective prevention strategies.

Oussama Loumrhari, founder of SOS Extermination, a leading pest control service in Montreal, emphasizes the importance of early action. “Many homeowners underestimate the impact of preventative measures,” Loumrhari states. “Our data shows that properties implementing basic pest-proofing techniques experience up to 70% fewer infestations compared to those that don’t.”

The company’s research, conducted in collaboration with entomologists from McGill University, highlights several key areas where Montreal residents can focus their pest prevention efforts:

  1. Seal Entry Points: A surprising 80% of pest infestations can be traced back to small cracks and openings in home exteriors. Exterminators in Montreal recommend a thorough inspection and sealing of these potential entry points.

  2. Proper Food Storage: Studies indicate that homes with unsealed food containers are three times more likely to experience pest problems. Airtight containers and regular kitchen cleaning can significantly reduce attractants.

  3. Moisture Control: Pests are drawn to damp environments. Properties with poor drainage or leaky pipes see a 40% higher rate of infestations, according to SOS Extermination’s field data.

  4. Landscape Management: Overgrown vegetation near homes provides ideal habitats for pests. Regular trimming and maintaining a 1-meter buffer zone can reduce pest presence by up to 60%.

  5. Professional Inspections: Annual inspections by qualified exterminators in Montreal can identify potential issues before they escalate. SOS Extermination reports that homes receiving regular professional assessments experience 50% fewer severe infestations.

The urgency of pest prevention is underscored by recent climate data from Environment Canada, which predicts above-average temperatures for Montreal this summer. Warmer conditions typically correlate with increased pest activity, making proactive measures all the more crucial.

“We’re seeing a clear trend where informed homeowners who take early action are significantly less likely to face serious pest problems,” notes Loumrhari. “Our goal at SOS Extermination is to empower Montreal residents with the knowledge and tools they need to protect their homes effectively.”

To further support the community, SOS Extermination is launching a series of free online workshops for Montreal homeowners, covering topics such as natural pest deterrents, DIY inspection techniques, and when to call in professional exterminators in Montreal.

As the summer season approaches, the message from pest control experts is clear: prevention is key. By implementing these strategies and staying vigilant, Montreal homeowners can enjoy a pest-free summer and protect their properties from potential damage and health risks associated with infestations.

For more information about pest prevention or to schedule a professional inspection, Montreal residents are encouraged to contact SOS Extermination at 1514-501-2076 or visit their office at 3665 Avenue Ridgewood #508, Montreal, QC, H3V 1B4. Additional resources and tips can be found on their website at

About SOS Extermination:

Founded by Oussama Loumrhari, SOS Extermination is a leading pest control service in Montreal, dedicated to providing efficient, eco-friendly solutions for residential and commercial properties. With a team of experienced exterminators in Montreal, the company offers comprehensive pest management services, from prevention to elimination, ensuring the safety and comfort of Montreal residents.

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