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Which tests are important for outdoor headlamp?

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Which tests are important for outdoor headlamp?

June 24
06:08 2024

  LED headlamp is a modern lighting equipment, widely used in outdoor activities. There are many kinds of camping headlamp light sources, common white light, blue light, yellow light, solar white light and so on. Different light sources have different uses, and the appropriate light source should be selected according to the actual needs. In the detection of incoming materials of the headlamp, the following aspects usually need to be detected:

  Optical index is an important index to detect the performance of head lighting, including brightness, contrast, color temperature and color reproduction. These indicators reflect the lighting effect of the headlamp and the ability to reflect and scatter light.

  The light source parameters of LED rechargeable headlamps include power, luminous efficiency, luminous flux, etc. These parameters reflect the luminous intensity and brightness of the headlamp, and are also important indicators for choosing the headlamp.

  In the detection of incoming materials of the headlamp, it is also necessary to detect harmful substances that may be contained in the headlamp, such as fluorescent agents, heavy metals and other harmful substances that may cause harm to people, and must be detected and excluded.

  The size and shape of the headlamp is also an important aspect of incoming material detection. If the outdoor headlamp does not meet the requirements, it may affect the use effect and safety.

  The test parameters of LED headlights can be divided into the following categories: brightness, color temperature, beam, current and voltage. The first is the brightness test, brightness refers to the intensity of the light emitted by the light source, usually completed by lumen photometer, photometer can measure the intensity of the light emitted by the LED headlamp.

  Next is the color temperature test, which refers to the color of the light and is usually expressed in Kelvin. The color temperature test can be done by a spectrometer, which can analyze the various color components contained in the light emitted by the LED headlamp to determine its color temperature.

  Beam test refers to the distribution of the light emitted by the USB LED headlamp, mainly including the size of the spot and the uniformity of the spot. Beam testing can be done with an illuminometer and a light intensity meter, which measures the intensity of the light at a specific distance, and a light intensity meter, which measures the intensity distribution of the light at different angles.

  Current and voltage testing refers to the measurement of the current and voltage required when the multifunctional headlamp is working. These parameters can be measured by a multimeter or ammeter to ensure that the current and voltage are within the normal range and avoid damage to electronic components.

  In addition to the above parameters, life testing and waterproof performance testing can also be carried out. Life test refers to the evaluation of the performance of the LED headlamp after continuous use for a certain time to determine its reliability and service life.

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