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Factors Influencing ICT Integration in Real Estate Industry Before Launch Analysis by Property Guru SG

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Factors Influencing ICT Integration in Real Estate Industry Before Launch Analysis by Property Guru SG

June 17
18:15 2024

Property Guru SG ICT integration seamlessly Integrates Cutting-Edge Features with New Enhancements, Optimizing Property Search and Home Buying Experiences.

Singapore’s top open-source property platform, has launched new features in partnership with VMware to improve it’s operations. Property Guru SG believes the real estate industry can benefit from integrating Voice, Data, Process, and Artificial Intelligence to streamline processes.

Omar’s View – Property Guru SG Direction

Director of Proptisfy, former member of Property Guru SG shared similar views with stakeholders of Property Guru SG. Omar, has worked in the ICT industry for over 15 years, with experiences in Cisco systems, Dell storage, data center solutions, SAAS, CRM accounting SW, and virtualization in a recent interview with journalist Rick Low from Morning Singapore.

They excitedly foresee the day when leveraging on the optimization this integration can provide, while simultaneously cultivating an improved journey for developers, realty organizations, financial institutions, investors, homeowners, and renters alike confidently remarked Omar, local director for Proptisfy.

Omar emphasizes that technological advancements should reduce user burden and offer a novel experience. Many Singapore real estate CTOs have overlooked ICT’s potential to enhance user experience, focusing primarily on efficiency.

Before concluding the interview, clarifications on Omar’s use of the term “user experience” was made. Omar elaborated on his intended meaning behind the statement. Proposing integration features that Property Guru SG did not consider, despite the attention their advancements received.

Omar stated, “We’re not just discussing the improvements or time savings that this deployment will provide; we also want to ensure it’s user-friendly and intuitive for non-ICT individuals to use and operate. If we achieve that, it’s a genuine improvement.”

Seamless Integrations

Voice over IP (VoIP) has existed for over a decade, but affordable unified communications have only recently become widely available.

Integrating agency CRM with user experiences allows users to view property viewing availability, purchase offers, and stamp duty and incident management information seamlessly.

Additionally, the platform should offer one-click access to video meetings, audio discussions, and messaging for enhanced collaboration and communication efficiency.

Data & Storage

Property financial data includes ownership proof, financing terms, property tax obligations, and refinancing potential. This information is crucial for:

Financial institutions: To advise homeowners on financial obligations and refinancing opportunities.

Property agents: To assist homeowners and tenants with financial responsibilities and decision-making.

Homeowners and tenants: To understand financial commitments and avoid financial distress.

Artificial Intelligence

Virtual viewing allows tenants with busy schedules to view properties virtually. This saves time, enables faster decision-making, and improves user experience by providing an accurate virtualization of potential homes.

Tenant Benefits:

–  More free time due to reduced viewing time, allowing for leisure or quality time.-  Avoidance of rushed decisions and potential dissatisfaction or complications.-  Reduced risk of being misled or pressured into hasty financial decisions.

Landlord Benefits:

Flexibility in considering tenant requests, leading to prompt decisions and time-saving.

A happier tenant base, reducing tenancy breaches and potential legal disputes or financial burdens.

Omar’s goal for the next decade is to see integration benefit businesses financially, while also promoting peace of mind and quality lives, addressing work-life imbalance.

No guru can be the best property guru SG until this is achieved. Mr. Farid Omar laughed loudly like a school student recollecting how he was taught that in his career, “SKY IS THE LIMIT”!

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