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United Tree Pro Service Shares Expert Tips for Maintaining Healthy Trees in Marietta’s Climate

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United Tree Pro Service Shares Expert Tips for Maintaining Healthy Trees in Marietta’s Climate

June 17
17:48 2024
United Tree Pro Service Shares Expert Tips for Maintaining Healthy Trees in Marietta's Climate
Located in Marietta, Georgia, United Tree Pro Service has been providing professional and reliable tree care and maintenance services in the area, specializing in keeping the city’s trees healthy during different seasons and weather of Marietta.

Marietta is a beautiful city whose neighborhoods have scenic greenery, particularly in the residents’ properties. And so, it is of utmost importance to take care of the trees in time and make them more withstanding in Marietta’s climate. Otherwise, the lack of maintenance will weaken the trees and can even be unsafe for one’s home and properties. 

So, United Tree Pro Service lends a hand by sharing expert tips for maintaining healthy trees in Marietta’s climate. Since Marietta is mostly warm with several cozy cold months, tree maintenance is not that effort- or time-consuming for its people. As stated by a spokesperson of the company, some routine checkups and services do most of the trick. That said, the absence of those routine activities might make the trees suffer.

The first tip shared by the certified tree service company’s professionals is to understand when a tree is healthy. A physically sound tree demonstrates ample growth and lively foliage with robust structural integrity. The leaves should be lush and green without unusual spots or discoloration. Either could indicate weakness or diseases. “That is the first and most important part of preventive care and maintenance for trees,” said a senior arborist of the company.

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Next, regular inspections can prevent many undesired consequences for a tree. To conduct a thorough inspection, a tree owner should assess the tree’s physical condition properly and observe for falling or dead branches, excessive foliage discoloration, cracks around the root, and soil issues. Also, the presence of fungi and pests must be checked. 

Other important care tips suggested by the company include pruning, watering, mulching, and fertilizing a tree. Pruning is essential to facilitate better growth and air circulation while keeping away diseases by severing dead branches and limbs. However, over-pruning must be avoided to prevent tree damage, which is why it is wise to hire professionals to do it.

As for watering, the requirement varies from one tree to another. But on the whole, all trees prefer infrequent and deep watering with accessibility to their roots. It should also be noted that the watering routine will change based on the season. 

Fertilizer and mulch strengthen the soil by feeding it necessary nutrients while enhancing its power to retain moisture. They make a protective layer to handle string trimmers and lawnmowers. Besides, they prepare the perfect environment for helpful organisms. 

United Tree Pro Service gives a tip that tree owners will get better results by using slow-releasing fertilizers to avoid overapplying. Moreover, the best season for fertilizing is spring when trees undergo their peak growth time. 

Another pro-tip from the professionals about mulching is to do it before winter. Since it gets bitingly cold and snowy in January, it is better to mulch trees beforehand. As a result, the soil layer around a tree will stay warm and protect its roots from getting frozen. 

About keeping trees healthy in adverse weather, protective measures, i.e., wrapping a tree in a burlap before a storm hits. The arborists emphasized removing dead or branches to secure trees and ward off accidents. 

Finally, all the experts highly recommended consulting professionals in any case the condition of a tree seems suspicious, especially if it is an emergency. Amateur pruning or tree removing can lead to drastic circumstances. Consulting professional arborists is the best way to ensure the safety of a tree and the properties around it. 

About the Company: 

United Tree Pro Service is a tree care company serving in Marietta, Georgia. Its certified arborists are expert at providing various tree maintenance services to meet the varying needs of the community. 

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