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Global Award Winning Rogz Pet Company Rogz Launches New AirTec Line For Dogs In USA

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Global Award Winning Rogz Pet Company Rogz Launches New AirTec Line For Dogs In USA

March 11
02:51 2023
Elevate The Dog Collar Harness And Leash with Luxurious and Sporty AirTec

All dog owners are acutely aware that even the most well behaved dogs can be difficult to control at times. Discipline can be tricky and walks can be cumbersome. Sometimes it seems like the dog is walking the companion. Rogz’s new AirTech Range is a winner you should add to your pet gear.

The AirTech Range is the first of its kind. The inner mesh allows a safe “give” and elasticity while the outer edges provide softness and the strength and durability Rogz is known for. The star of the show is the harness. The sport belt and leash are used to connect the user to the dog’s harness. The Rogz AirTech Sport Harness is a simple, elegant design that slides directly over the hound’s head. It has an adjustable strap and clip that goes around the back of the front legs. Compared to the competition, it is easier to slip on because it is devoid of a Million tiny clips. Yet, it is still tough enough for the most experienced pullers.

The unique thing about the harness is the belay loop. It is what the leash connects to and where one would typically see a ring or other piece of metal. In order to stay with the strength and lightweight design, the team at Rogz added the loop which is strong enough to hold a human while kitesurfing, so why not use the same tech to lighten the load on a pooch? The dog can run freely as the leash goes from left to right on the belay loop, back and forth with their movements, eliminating twisted collars and uncomfortably bunched harnesses.

The padded sport belt is made of the same lightweight mesh, webbing, and trim as the harness. It is fitted with aero-grade aluminium carabiners to provide superior strength and ensure minimal weight, while the belt itself also features shock absorbing webbing to reduce strain on the adventurer and fur companion alike. Like the harness, the belt also includes a belay loop, which allows the carabiner attached to the user to slide from side to side.

What’s so unique about it? It is a hands free belt with emergency release! Now one can freely walk or jog while a dog does the same, traversing from side-to-side when paired with the leash.

The leash is the pinnacle of safety. If a difficult situation arises, that may cause you concern, there is a quick release loop which frees the dog.

Part of the leash is made from bungee cord. The bungee allows an ebb and flow instead of a jerking motion on the leash which is more pleasant for the owner and dog.

Whether one is ready for an extreme jog through the park or in the neighborhood, the combination of the Rogz AirTech harness, belt, and leash is ideal for your next run or walk.

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