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Helping Smallholder Farmers Access International Markets to Reduce Illegal Immigration

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Helping Smallholder Farmers Access International Markets to Reduce Illegal Immigration

February 28
00:03 2023
“The Holcan Code” is a novel about sustainable plant-based foods, the root-cause of illegal immigration and using an ancient Mayan relic to become more resilient in life.

About the Book

“The Holcan Code” follows the journey of Yab, a young man from Copan, who is searching for a brighter future for himself and his community. Along the way, he discovers the Holcan Spinner, an ancient Mayan relic that protects the mind from negative thoughts, stimulates goal setting, and connects one vividly to their passion. 

What the Book Aims to Achieve

Yab’s story reflects the struggles faced by many Central Americans today. The root causes of illegal immigration are complex, and many Central Americans are struggling with poverty, political instability, and many other issues, making it challenging for them to build a better future in their homeland. By exploring Yab’s journey and the Holcan Code, readers can deepen their understanding of the root causes of illegal immigration and the importance of a connected way of life to be able to create abundance for many back home.

“Spice Society”: A Connected Way of Life 

Yab presents a platform business model (i.e. Spice Society) that transcends into reality; with a core mission to alleviate illegal immigration through a sustainable and scalable approach that can be applied in rural communities worldwide. This platform currently impacts almost a thousand families in Central America by purchasing from them a variety of natural foods for corporate and industrial use which in turn allows farmer’s local produce to travel into international markets. 

“The Holcan Code” is not only an entertaining read, but also a call to action for readers to work towards creating a better future for all people, regardless of their background or circumstances. It is a reminder that anyone can all learn from the resilience and determination of the Mayan people and strive to make a positive impact in the world. The reader joins Yab on his journey and discovers the power of the Holcan Code to unleash his creative inner warrior and bring about positive change.

For people looking for an inspiring read that will improve their personal skills and empower them to make a difference in the world, “The Holcan Code” is the perfect choice. For more information, the reader can visit the official webpage.

Get a real Mayan Spinner! 

With the purchase of the Holcan Code book, readers will receive a complimentary download of the official Holcan Spinner app! The Holcan Spinner is a digital adaptation of the Mayan Spinner, an amulet that was originally given to Mayan traders and Holcan warriors as a graduation gift. It has been passed down through generations of Mayan families and is a cherished symbol of Mayan culture and history.

Crafted by Mayan artisans, the Holcan Spinner’s spinning motion and personal mantra customization helps focus internal dialogue, passion, and the creative mind. It is a powerful tool to help individuals achieve their goals, just as the Mayan traders and Holcan warriors used it for protection and strength on their journeys.

This digital adaptation of the Holcan Spinner is designed to provide the same benefits to modern readers. The app allows users to customize their own mantras and spin the digital spinner to help focus their thoughts and achieve their goals. With the Holcan Code book and the official Holcan Spinner app, readers will have access to a powerful combination of ancient wisdom and modern technology to help them succeed.

About the Author

Rodolfo Eyl Cueva is an impact investor. He applies Holcan Code principles to his agro-business platform known as “Spice Society” where he impacts thousands of families through the purchase of massive amounts of produce from the farmers for use in his companies such as Opa Ingredients and Don Yab, which means “the gift of abundance” in Mayan language, which all contributes to the great cause of mitigating the need for illegal immigration in Central America. 

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