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Break Free From Dieting with Katie Valley Wellness’ Intuitive Eating and Nutrition Counseling

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Break Free From Dieting with Katie Valley Wellness’ Intuitive Eating and Nutrition Counseling

February 24
20:00 2023
Through intuitive eating, Katie Valley Wellness is ending the vicious cycle of unsustainable dieting

For the longest time, society has convinced people that dieting was necessary to achieve a healthy body. The continuous rise of fad diets that cut out certain food groups and promise drastic weight loss proves that misinformation is still prevalent and often leads to unhealthy relationships with food and negative body image. While it can be challenging to break these patterns, Katie Valley Wellness is here to help.

Those who find themselves binge eating, yo-yo dieting, or obsessing over food, their bodies, and dieting can consult Katie Valley Wellness for intuitive eating and nutrition counseling. “At Katie Valley Wellness, our mission is to help you transition from a place of dieting and disordered eating to one of true food freedom, connection with your body, and physical and emotional wellness,” shares Katie Valley, a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Holistic Nutritionist, and the Founder and Director of Katie Valley Wellness, LLC.

“With Intuitive Eating, you learn to trust your body’s signals and allow yourself to eat the foods your body craves, free from guilt and shame. We will help you learn that health doesn’t have to look a certain way, and that weight isn’t a good indication of health and wellness.”

Apart from offering virtual 1-on-1 Intuitive Eating Coaching and Nutrition Counseling, Katie Valley Wellness also has an online Self-Paced Course that guides people step by step through their Intuitive Eating Journey. Their goal is to promote gentle nutrition, which allows individuals to learn how to nourish their body without following restrictive diets.

Since dieting can take an emotional toll, Katie Valley Wellness provides personalized strategies for building a healthier relationship with food and eating. Whether one needs emotional eating support or stress eating help, their team of experts can always be relied on.

Learn more about intuitive and mindful eating as well as Katie Valley Wellness’ services at

About Katie Valley Wellness

Katie Valley Wellness is a team of Certified Intuitive Eating Counselors and Non-Diet Nutritionists who support Health at Every Size® that helps people through diet recovery.

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