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Portable Power Stations Bring a New Way of Life like HinenSolar

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Portable Power Stations Bring a New Way of Life like HinenSolar

February 24
17:30 2023
The portable power station realizes a new green and environmentally friendly lifestyle, uses the renewable energy of nature, stays in nature, and loves nature.

Traveling outdoors with family and friends, breathing the fresh air of nature, appreciating the wonderful mountains and rivers, and getting spiritual peace in the natural scenery, become more and more important recently. But now global carbon dioxide emissions are increasing, and the greenhouse effect is serious, leading to a bad climate environment. To protect the environment, everyone should start a low-carbon life. For example, when traveling, you can start with green electricity.


The diesel generators used in the past are inconvenient to carry, noisy, and pollute the environment. As a product of the innovative development of electric energy storage, mobile power stations can already be charged by solar energy. The solar energy is converted into electrical energy through the equipped solar panels, which are efficiently stored in the power station. There is electricity when there is light, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, so outdoor travel no longer depends on mains electricity for charging.

The portable power station is not only equipped with multiple USB ports to charge digital products such as mobile phones but also provides power for drones, projectors, rice cookers, kettles, cars, and other equipment through common power ports such as AC and DC. So when traveling, you can truly use electricity freely. Not only that, if there is a sudden “power outage” at home, the power station can also provide power to solve the “urgent”.

Familiar brands of portable power stations such as Jackery have launched the outdoor solar charging power station 2000 Pro. This power station can be fully charged in 2.5 hours by solar fast charging, realizing an “outdoor continuous power supply” condition. And it has a super large capacity, which can meet the power supply needs of most small household appliances and multiple devices at the same time and can guarantee the power supply even for outdoor cross-country hiking.

If you need a high-power mobile energy storage power supply, you can also consider HinenSolar PS3000. It has a capacity of 2500Wh and a rated power of up to 3000W! It can be fully charged in 3.5 hours with two 420W solar panels. It also supports 2.5kWh battery expansion packs, which can support up to 6 power packs, reaching a large capacity of 17.5kWH.

In addition, the Anker 757 outdoor power supply can also be used with solar charging panels. The Anker solar panel supports a peak output power of 100W, and the conversion efficiency is as high as 23%. It also has a foldable design that is easy to carry and comes with a stand to adjust the angle to receive solar energy. BLUETTI has also developed a solar panel specifically for its outdoor power supply, which also adopts a foldable design with its own stand and handle design.

The mobile power station can not only realize the freedom of electricity consumption for outdoor travel, making the journey more comfortable and convenient, but also use solar energy to help people use “clean and green energy” to generate electricity, adopt an environmentally friendly and low-carbon lifestyle, and make the earth better.



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