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Buying the whole website traffic became more profitable – ClickAdilla launched the Marketplace

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Buying the whole website traffic became more profitable – ClickAdilla launched the Marketplace

February 21
13:04 2023
Have you ever thought about buying the whole website traffic just for your ads? We will tell you why it may be more beneficial than a standard ad campaign. Meet ClickAdilla’s Marketplace where making a flat deal is as easy as ABC!

ClickAdilla launched a significant update – the Marketplace where anyone can make a flat deal or, in other words, purchase the whole traffic on a certain website and a certain format for a definite period of time. 

What is ClickAdilla?

ClickAdilla is a high-technology self-serve ad network platform that provides quality traffic in all the major verticals. Every day ClickAdilla brings more than 4,5 BLN impressions to its users covering 240+ GEOs including Tier 1. We provide traffic to more than 16 000 clients daily.

The marketplace is a ClickAdilla service where advertisers can buy the whole traffic for a definite website, ad format, and a certain period of time. It is an interface where you can choose a flat deal among 7 premium websites and 4 ad formats for up to 30 days. You can find prices, impressions, total visits, website global rank, top countries, and audience distribution there.

This is how it works: you get the product you want to promote, come to ClickAdilla, define the ad format, target the Tier group, and one of ClickAdilla’s premium sources. Then you make a flat deal, which will guarantee you receive all ad format traffic from one particular source for a definite time period.

Why choose flat deals in ClickAdilla?

  1. You don’t have to care about bids and auctions – the whole traffic is yours. There is no competition for impressions. 

  2. You always get the traffic. No matter what the situation at the auction, you will always win. 

  3. Your ads become more noticeable. As your ad will be on the same spot in 100% of cases with no rotation, sooner or later users will take notice of your ad. Moreover, the permanence of your ad on a website makes it look trustable – so people click more easily. 

  4. Reserve a top spot for your offer. Choose an ad spot that best suits your offer and it will be all yours. If your offer and a website work well together, it is better to reserve the ad spot there to always have impressions. 

  5. More profitable than a regular ad campaign. If the bid at the RTB auction goes up, it won’t concern you – you always get your traffic. 

Flat deals are available for:

● Tier groups (Tier 1, 2, 3);

● Ad formats (Popunder, In-stream, Tab-direct Link, Banner);

● Time range (you may make a flat deal for a range from 1 to 30 days);

● ClickAdilla’s premium websites – they are in the TOP traffic on the Internet.

How to make a flat deal?

  1. Sign in to your ClickAdilla account;

  2. Go to the sidebar menu on the left and choose “Marketplace”;

  3. Choose any of the available flat deals.

Flat deals are a new decision for advertising. If you need quality traffic without competition and at low prices, try out our new feature and monetize your campaigns with ClickAdilla’s flat deals. 

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