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Dr. Motiwala Offers the Highest Quality Full Mouth Dental Implants in India at Highly Approachable Prices

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Dr. Motiwala Offers the Highest Quality Full Mouth Dental Implants in India at Highly Approachable Prices

February 18
07:27 2023

Dr. Motiwala is a premier Indian dental clinic and implant center offering a broad spectrum of dental and implant services, including full-mouth dental implants, full-mouth reconstruction, smile makeovers, zirconia crows, teeth bleaching, orthodontics, and more.

Dr. Motiwala is the dental clinic of choice for countless people seeking high-quality full mouth dental implants and other dental treatments. The services Dr. Motiwala offers cost considerably less than in other dental tourism destinations without compromising the quality of the treatment.

While full mouth dental implants can cost over $100,000 in the US, people coming to Dr. Motiwala’s offices can get the same type of treatment for about $12,000 – $17,000, which is one-eighth of the price in Hyderabad, India. This is possible because high-quality, branded dental implants in India cost significantly less when compared to the US, UK, Canada, or other countries.

The best part of choosing Hyderabad as the designation for dental tourism is that the travel, accommodation, and food are not expensive in Hyderabad. People coming for their dental procedure will also get to visit famous tourist destinations while receiving high-quality full mouth dental implant treatment at Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Centre. 

Dennis Daniels from Sarasota, Florida is thankful to Dr. Motiwala for giving him a perfect new smile and is grateful for the unique experience. Mr. Dennis first went to a clinic in Florida for his dental check-up. The reason for his visit was to take an opinion on full mouth dental implants. Dental issues are on the rise all over the world due to changes in common dietary patterns. Owing to the fast-changing lifestyle, both adults and children across the world are increasingly facing issues like dental decay, progressive gum disease, and serious periodontitis resulting in teeth loss. 

Denis opted for dental treatment at Dr. Motiwala’s clinic because of the cost benefits and his years of experience treating patients from every corner of the globe. Dennis has no words to thank Dr. Motiwala enough for the great work he did; his knowledge, experience, and expertise in the field are unmatched. Dennis highly recommends Dr. Motiwala who offered him Zirconium bridges that no one else did and Dr. Motiwala’s procedure took only 10 days, as opposed to months and repeated trips in alternative solutions.

Over the last two decades, the medical and dental tourism sector has exploded, mostly due to the unaffordable costs of dental care throughout North America. Many patients are now heading to developing countries for dental tourism to receive full mouth dental implants in India and to further benefit from high-quality, affordable care.

“You can expect superior quality full mouth dental implants in India thanks to the trained and experienced dentists,” said Dr. Motiwala Clinic’s spokesperson. With state-of-the-art technologies and English-speaking staff, Dr. Motiwala offers a comprehensive range of dental procedures, like full mouth dental implants, full-mouth reconstruction, smile makeovers, Zirconia crowns, orthodontics, and more at a fraction of the cost.

Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic has partnered with 5-star hotels in Hyderabad to offer its clients an all-inclusive package with a comfortable stay, meals, transportation, laundry, and more. 

More information about Dr. Motiwala is available on his official website.

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