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New Kickstarter Campaign Launches “BIOSIS,” a Groundbreaking Biohacking Project That Brings Organ and Limb Regeneration to Life

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New Kickstarter Campaign Launches “BIOSIS,” a Groundbreaking Biohacking Project That Brings Organ and Limb Regeneration to Life

February 17
21:48 2023
BIOSIS plans to revolutionize how we approach limb and organ regeneration using authentic stem cells to form functional tissue structures.

BIOSIS, an innovative biohacking project to make organ and limb regeneration a reality, has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign. The project aims to solve the “mushy” problem in tissue engineering and take the first step in making organ and limb regeneration viable for anyone.

“Our project is on the verge of making a scientific breakthrough in tissue engineering, and we believe that this breakthrough can revolutionize the way we think about organ and limb regeneration.” 


The “mushy” problem, which has plagued scientists for years, refers to the inability to regenerate tissue with a stable and functional structure. The spokesperson explained, “Turning this ‘mushy’ tissue into a functional organ or limb requires engineering authentic stem cells to grow in a DNA-defined pattern. While progress has been made using authentic stem cells from donors, the tissue generated has no function or structure. We have a viable hypothesis to solve this problem.

The spokesperson continued, “The hurdle for scientists is that to generate a fully functional organ or limb, you would need the same mass of authentic stem cells as the organ or limb you wish to regrow. Considering an authentic stem cell that is only found in the white fat cells of your body and weighs thousands of grams, it has been a major hurdle for scientists.”

The team behind BIOSIS plans to harvest the correct mass of authentic stem cells needed for functional tissue regeneration. In the second phase, they plan to get the proper amount of these authentic stem cells so that there is enough mass for the complete regeneration of a missing limb. To do this, they will simultaneously create a unique portable body bioreactor placed directly on the patient’s body, and the full-scale growth of the limb will take place inside it.

The spokesperson added, “The stem cell research our team of scientists has conducted so far has been monumental. We aim to take BIOSIS from our labs to people in need within the next few years. Donor lists are long, and as of now, we can change that.” 

By backing this project, supporters can help shape the future of organ and limb regeneration and impact people’s lives. In addition to contributing to a better future for humanity, backers will be rewarded with a range of perks, including having their name listed as one of the generous project backers on the website, receiving regular updates on the development of the work, and getting a personal “Thank You Message” broadcast on social media. Depending on the amount pledged, backers can even be a part of the VIP email list and get a heartfelt email and a digital icon, “I made a difference.”

“We need your help to make this dream a reality. Every contribution brings us closer to achieving a world where functional limb and organ regeneration is possible. We encourage everyone to join us in our mission to make a significant difference in the lives of many individuals worldwide,” said the BIOSIS team.

To show your support for the campaign, please visit Kickstarter.

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