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Be Inspired by a Wide Range of Beauty Products & Opportunities: Beauty of Juliet Supports Every Shade of Beauty, Age, Body Type & Ability

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Be Inspired by a Wide Range of Beauty Products & Opportunities: Beauty of Juliet Supports Every Shade of Beauty, Age, Body Type & Ability

February 01
02:15 2023

Vision Statement: The Sorae Family made history when they incorporated Beauty of Juliet on October 13th, 2021, 27 years after its brand visionary had passed away. Mrs. Faith Sorae’s dream was to create a beauty brand that would revolutionize the industry through positive changes, such as the inclusion of deeper skin tones. We strongly believe in all shades of beauty, taking positive steps to feature a diverse range of skin tones and cultures in our work. Includes all gender identities, sexual orientations, ages, body types, and abilities deserve to feel special and beautiful. With this vision in mind, she named the brand “Beauty of Juliet” as a way to symbolically display how beautiful it made her feel.

Mission Statement: Beauty of Juliet has created hundreds of job opportunities for young people around the world who love and want to be part of the beauty industry. They have opened stores in countries ranging from the UK, US, Canada, France, Spain and South Africa to Nigeria, Turkey, Cyprus, Ghana and Malaysia, offering 100 percent ownership to all franchise owners and granting them independence, as terms and conditions would be applied.

Additionally, Beauty of Juliet has partnered with major brands such as Walmart™, Amazon™, eBay™ , Faire™, Joom™, Allegro™, eBid™, Bonanza™, Fruugo™,  Wish™ Go Wholesale™, TikTok™ Store, Tundra™, Jumia™ and Konga™.

But it doesn’t stop there – Beauty of Juliet also offers social content creators, artists and public figures the chance to partner with them in order to kickstart their own products within this ever-growing industry! This unique program enables these individuals to take control over their brands and collaborate with like-minded creatives while leveraging Beauty of Juliet’s powerful network platform at the same time – truly helping them fulfill their dreams within the beauty market.

Thus far, this mission has been achieved by countless customers who have given glowing testimonies about how much Beauty of Juliet has helped them look great and gain confidence both inside and out!

Overall then we can see that Beauty of Juliet is making a real difference in terms of transforming how people view themselves as well as helping entrepreneurs achieve success within this dynamic field.

With its innovative approach towards tackling age-old problems within the beauty industry such as lackluster product range for certain skin tones or limited job opportunities for passionate individuals – it appears that Beauty of Juliet is here to stay!

To learn more about the groundbreaking brand, visit:

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