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What are the Simple Exercise Body Movements – Yunlingyu

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What are the Simple Exercise Body Movements – Yunlingyu

January 31
10:56 2023
If people want to feel better, have more energy, and even add a few years to their life expectancy? Just exercise. The health benefits of regular exercise and physical activity cannot be overlooked. Exercise benefits everyone, regardless of age, gender, or physical ability.

First, overlook

Climbing and overlooking, can adjust the eye muscle and lens, reduce eye fatigue, improve vision. The specific method is: every morning, evening or when the brain is tired, in their own balcony or climb the mountain, regularly turn your eyes and look at the distant mountains, roofs, spires and other scenery. Years of persistence, there will be benefits.

Second, open mouth

In the gap between studying, doing housework or watching TV, the mouth to the greatest extent a and a, drive all facial muscles, rhythmic movement, can accelerate the blood circulation, delay the aging of local tissues and organs, make the mind clear, excited. The method is as follows: sit on a chair or bed, mouth easily, rhythmically to a close, each time a close lasting 50 times, about 1 minute or so, every morning and evening insist on each do.

Third, turn the neck

During leisure time after dinner, often do neck rotation exercises, which can not only refresh yourself, but also prevent the occurrence of cervical spine diseases. The specific method is: sitting in the chair, first look up, as far back as possible, and then bend the chin to the chest, so that the nape muscle tension and relaxation, and to the left and right sides of the side 10~15 times, and then the waist back against the back of the chair, hands in the back of the neck hold together for a moment.

Fourth, make a fist

Make a fist exercise every day, can enhance the function of the body organs, so that people’s physical strength doubled, and maintain strong energy. The method is as follows: the hands clenched into a fist, the whole body at the same time a little force, and then let go, repeat for 50~80 times, every morning and evening do once. Usually feel lack of concentration and energy, can use this method.

Fifth, massage the nose

The nose is a gateway for the body to breathe. It is connected with nature and many important organs. Frequent nose massage can enhance local Qi and blood circulation, moisten lungs and prevent colds. The specific method is: with both hands thumb middle section of the back of the finger, rub each other hot after rubbing the tip of the nose 24 times, with both hands fingers rubbing next to the nose 12 times, with fingers scraping the bridge of the nose, from up to down 10 times. The above three actions can be done at the same time.

Sixth, pharyngeal saliva

Saliva has been linked to longevity. Chinese medicine believes that saliva is full, often contained and slowly swallowed, can moisten the five viscera, nourish the skin, make people live longer. The specific method is: first calm breath, gently exhaled 3 mouth, and then the tongue out of the outer lip of the teeth, up and down around agitation; When the body fluid is full of mouth, drum gargle 5 to 10 times, three times into the saliva slowly into the Dantian. Practice Shengjin 3-4 times a day.

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