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From Chronic Behaviors To Healthier Lives: The Transformative Power Of Ibogaine Treatment

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From Chronic Behaviors To Healthier Lives: The Transformative Power Of Ibogaine Treatment

January 27
02:39 2023

In the continuous fight against substance abuse across the continent, the natural substance ibogaine has gained recognition as an effective solution to help treat opioid addiction, and is becoming increasingly popular amongst health professionals, often spoken alongside psychedelics such as psilocybin and ayahuasca.

But ibogaine in particular is eclipsing other options as the #1 solution for a host of ailments, and one ibogaine treatment center in Mexico, founded by Rabbi David Dardashti, has differentiated itself with proven protocols – designed to be tailored to individuals’ unique needs – that have been shown to heal addiction and curb withdrawal.

Ibogaine Clinic Inc. has been operating for over twelve years in Riviera Maya, Mexico, and this month is releasing a series of testimonials focusing on the experience of its guests, notable for their ability to get off opiates, but in particular, drugs such as Suboxone, Methadone, and Fentanyl without requiring lifestyle modifications prior to treatment.

The clinic stands out from other facilities through their commitment towards publishing real testimonials from current clients regularly on their website and YouTube™ channel which currently boasts over 10,000 subscribers.

Mr. Dardashti’s studies into Kabbalah over 35+ years, have enabled him to unlock people’s subconscious traumas which form an emotional ‘hole’ that is often filled through chronic behaviors such as addiction or depression.

By using Ibogaine as a neurostimulant during treatment sessions, he helps patients face painful memories such as child abuse, PTSD or simply deeply hidden occurrences, allowing them to finally let go of these repressions which were holding them back from leading healthier lives.

His insights on trauma, its definition and causes, can be found in his recently-published first book, Trauma & The Mystery of the Subconscious, currently available on the Amazon Kindle store.

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