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Car rental searches up 2.5 times in 2022, Wisecars reports

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Car rental searches up 2.5 times in 2022, Wisecars reports

January 20
00:36 2023
Wisecars has analyzed and summarized car rental search data from 2022 and compared it to 2021. They hope these highlights will help the car rental industry with fleet management and travelers planning their 2023 travels.

Wisecars team has compared car rental search data from 2022 and 2021. The team has compiled some highlights and is sharing them with the public.

“We hope this helps our partners get a bigger picture of the car rental industry,” said Steve Brax, one of Wisecars’ spokespersons, “We also believe travelers need to be informed about car rental industry trends to make good decisions. The last couple of years has given us a good idea of how much prices and availability can change in a short amount of time.”

The Wisecars team works with hundreds of car rental companies and partners with some of the biggest travel comparison sites in the world. This means they have access to millions of data points about car rental searches and trends.

The biggest changes between 2022 and 2021 include:

–  2.5 times more car rental searched in total
–  Almost 5 times more car rental searches for Canada
–  Almost 4 times more car rental searches for Ireland
–  More than 3.5 times more car rental searches in Norway
–  Search interest had surprisingly lowered to Alaska, Montana, and Wyoming.

Wisecars’ predictions for 2023:

–  Even more car rental searches
–  Modern car rental options breaking into the mainstream
–  Traditional car rental companies struggling to innovate
–  Fleet issues decreasing

“The growth trend is ongoing. We’ve discussed this with our partners and the general belief is that there will be more bookings but the travel industry will still not be in full gear.“ Steve continues. “The car shortage is showing signs of the end and we hope car rental companies can improve their fleets.”

Steve notes that customers show a higher interest in modern solutions such as peer-to-peer car sharing and smart rentals. “This year might be most challenging for traditional companies who have a more difficult time managing their fleet and updating their products.”

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