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Solar Energy Optimized To Meet The Demands Of The New Digital Era

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Solar Energy Optimized To Meet The Demands Of The New Digital Era

January 19
19:45 2023
SolarQuote’s E-commerce Platform Saves Homeowners 20-30% On The National Average

Going solar is no longer just a choice; it’s a necessity. With rising utility costs and increased carbon emissions, it is now more important than ever to replace fossil fuel power with clean energy. The government is encouraging the adoption of solar by providing rebates, state-wide incentives, and the federal solar tax credit as an increasing number of homeowners become aware of the benefits of switching to solar. However, homeowners may wonder how much they can save with solar and how to go about buying it.

Solar is still a considerable investment, and customers might wonder how many solar panels will save them

The answer depends on the solar requirements of the customer, such as the number of solar panels, power consumption, and local electricity rates. The average cost for solar installation can vary from $13,000–$25,000 depending on the factors mentioned above and with accounting for the federal solar tax credit and other incentives coming into play, most solar panel installations pay for themselves in roughly seven years. With a warranty of 25 years, homeowners have at least 18 years left to rack up their savings. Keep in mind solar panels don’t immediately stop producing energy after the 25-year warranty expires; they will continue producing energy for up to 10 additional years.

On average, electricity users in Jersey City, NJ, spend about $231 monthly on electricity. That adds up to $2,772 per year, which is 32% higher than the national average electric bill of $2,106.

Even with high utility bills and massive savings, homeowners may be hesitant to go solar due to pushy sales tactics, unnecessary site visits and complexity of rebates, financing and permitting. But they no longer have to worry about any of that. SolarQuote is the solution.

SolarQuote is an industry-leading DTC platform in 28 states that allows customers to buy solar directly without the need for a middleman. SolarQuote provides an easy-to-use solar calculator that will generate an instant solar quote and our leading design tool to ensure the maximum efficiency of the solar system and battery recommendations. SolarQuote takes care of all solar requirements without having to go through unnecessary conversations with sales reps. Best of all, customers can purchase solar in 5 minutes, all from the comfort of their own homes. Any questions customers have can be answered with the support of our experts.

If customers buy solar through SolarQuote, they will save 20–30% on the national average cost of solar panels and get to decide what works best for them every step of the way. This platform allows them to choose the system size, solar panels, and backup battery. With just a two-step process to get financing approval online from leading financial institutions, going solar has never been easier. Take charge of power consumption and start creating a better future with

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