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The Professional Centre Offers Flexible Office Solutions for Hybrid Work Models in the Post-Covid World

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The Professional Centre Offers Flexible Office Solutions for Hybrid Work Models in the Post-Covid World

January 17
20:21 2023

As society shifts into a post-Covid world, options once deemed too risky are suddenly resurging. Offices are returning to the world. But in their temporary absence, another idea filled their void – and it doesn’t look like work-from-home nor work-from-anywhere is leaving anyone behind. Now, for those looking to build a team of productive workers, they face a surprisingly difficult choice: which model do they want? And if the answer is “some bits of both” in a hybrid model, how will they mesh these two ideas? A private office facility, The Professional Centre is solving that question at this very moment.

Solving a question like this is a surprisingly complicated endeavor. For the sake of brevity, only a handful of the tools used by The Professional Centre will be covered – further information can be found on their website. For now, the pillars of discussion here will be in Space Design, Peer-to-Peer Networking, and Flexibility.

Both office work and work-from-home have their own approaches to the use of productive space. Home working spaces can easily be tailored to the exact needs of the worker, but must also contain a number of distractions by necessity. A parent with kids, for example, may often need to step away from their work to fulfill another role. 

On the other hand, offices are designed for productivity, to the exclusion of everything else. Everything centers the task at hand, but must do so through a one-size-fits all model. But perhaps more importantly: for each decision that affects productivity (turns out, that’s basically everything: right down to the color of paint on the walls), someone has to make that call. None of these choices are easy to make, and hiring someone who does them well is a task in its own right.

But, there is a way to circumvent these problems entirely. Picking from a wide array of pre-made offices is far easier than designing one from scratch, while still delivering the same quality. With every possible requirement covered already, workers and employers need only come equipped with a list of wants and needs – answers will find their way to them. The process of designing a ton of different kinds of working spaces may be overly expensive for a single business to act on, but if your business is the working space itself (which certainly applies to The Professional Centre), that is not a concern.

But there is another advantage to having a variety of offices in the same establishment: networking opportunities. Humans are famously social creatures, and perhaps the largest downside of work-from-home is the absence of socialization. With fewer chances to collaborate and make oneself known to higher-ups, career prospects inevitably suffer.

Office environments never had to worry about this issue, since people are physically around each other. But whole office facilities, featuring multiple businesses working in the same building, can take networking to a whole other level.

One size rarely fits all, neither for workers nor employers. And when both are presented with the options they need, they can recreate the productivity benefits of work-from-home, without ditching the benefits of the office.

Therein lies the strength of what The Professional Centre is doing. Their answer to the work-from-home question is to create something new, something that according to them, comes packaged with all strengths of each seemingly-opposed idea. Flexibility, brought in by having a variety of rooms and technologies for anyone to use, ensures that everyone involved can find the tools and the environments they need to thrive, able to change their surroundings on a whim. With nothing set in stone, all options are open – and turns out, that’s what a lot of businesses want.

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