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Laser Hair Removal Edmonton by Experts at Encore Medical Rejuvenation Available with Savings and Special Gifts for VIP Members

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Laser Hair Removal Edmonton by Experts at Encore Medical Rejuvenation Available with Savings and Special Gifts for VIP Members

December 19
22:12 2022
Encore Medical Rejuvenation in Edmonton, Alberta, CA, specializes in laser hair removal. The team at this spa uses a special laser for more permanent hair removal compared to other methods. The physicians, nurses, and aestheticians at Encore Medical Rejuvenation achieve results that look and feel natural.

According to announcements released by Encore Medical Rejuvenation, its laser hair removal Edmonton service is a safe and more permanent alternative to shaving, threading, and waxing. These can result in ingrown hair and irritate the skin. Laser hair removal rids people of unwanted hair hassle-free.

This clinic is open to answering questions from prospective clients who want to get rid of undesirable hair but don’t know how to go about it. Laser hair removal treatments available with Encore include chin, upper lip, upper back, lower back, full back, full face, upper legs, lower legs, etc.

Encore follows a tested procedure that begins with the area coated in a cooling gel. The dermatologist uses laser light to remove the hair follicles. This significantly arrests hair regrowth and delivers the much-desired smooth skin.

The clinic recommends that clients avoid the sun after the procedure, and if they have to step out, they should apply SPF to reduce sensitivity.

Clients frequently request facial hair removal at Encore Medical Rejuvenation. This is true for men and women who begin to experience “peach fuzz” on the face because of age and hormonal changes. The treatment gives clients the desired smooth face; they no longer have to shave or use gels and creams to achieve a hair-free look.

Encore now offers an attractive VIP rewards program. Members are assured of savings on services, exclusive gifts, and special offers. The VIP rewards program is an opportunity to save on hair removal treatments. Birthday gifts and invitations to member events are some of the other benefits of this program.

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Encore Medical Rejuvenation said, “Ingrown hairs occur when a hair follicle becomes irritated, and the hair follicle forces the hair to grow in the wrong direction. These hairs can cause pain, itching, burning, and a raised bump where the hair is located. 

Not only is ingrown hair irritating and painful, but it can last much longer than a common pimple and even become infected. We all have heard about ingrown hairs and things that cause them to form, but many do not know how to treat them or where to turn for help if they become problematic.

Folliculitis is a common diagnosis caused by hair follicles becoming inflamed and then blocked. It can look like white and yellow-headed pimples, small red bumps, or razor bumps. At times, this can be treated with typical washing, but when it becomes more severe, medicine must be prescribed. 

This type of ingrown hair can become embarrassing as it can cover large parts of the body. These bumps can appear on the thighs, buttocks, neck, and armpits. 

At Encore Medical Rejuvenation, we have seen many clients struggling with inflamed and extremely painful bumps or ingrown hair. Although anyone can get an ingrown hair, it is more common among people with coarse or curly hair. Whether shoulder, armpit, or thigh, or you want to get rid of ingrown beard hairs, Encore Medical Rejuvenation can help.”

About the Company:

Encore Medical Rejuvenation believes in the principle that less is more. The spa uses the latest laser technology for the most aesthetic hair removal. Its services include eyelash extensions, microblading, combo brows, machine powder brows, manual powder brows, lip micro pigmentation, laser skin rejuvenation and laser hair removal.

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