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Neymar uses Cryomed’s whole-body cryotherapy to get back in the game in Doha, Qatar.

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Neymar uses Cryomed’s whole-body cryotherapy to get back in the game in Doha, Qatar.

December 19
15:09 2022
Injured in the game against Serbia, Neymar strived to up his recovery with cold immersion to return for the second round.

Paris Saint Germain’s No. 10, who shared the photos of his injured ankle on social media after the game against Serbia, has to sit out a couple of the following matches. To get back in the field, he must undergo intensive treatment to be there for his team in the second round of the World Cup. His teammate Danilo, also sidelined due to his ankle, joins him for treatment sessions three times a day. This includes freezing their injuries out in a cryosauna at -150°C. 

The machine was brought to Qatar for the duration of the championship by CryoBrazil, an official partner of the Brazilian National Soccer Team. 

Team doctor Rodrigo Lasmar has been overseeing the courses of conventional physiotherapy and the use of extreme cold, considering that cryotherapy is known to half the recovery time due to its ability to suppress pain, reduce swelling and bruising, and fight inflammation. 

Cryotherapy applications for athletes have been thoroughly researched since the early 1990s. However, its popularity among the general public skyrocketed in 2013 after Cristiano Ronaldo installed a cryosauna in his Madrid mansion. 

Ronaldo was not the first to adopt extreme cold for its benefits – boosted performance and post-workout recovery. After Nike’s Oregon Project in 2010 made a cryosauna available for their runners, many rugby, baseball, basketball, and football teams in the USA and Europe installed cryotherapy equipment in their training facilities. Juventus, Lazio, Torino, and Paris Saint Germain have been using extreme cold for years. 

Tite decided the Brazilian National Soccer Team would need the machine in Qatar, as he does not neglect any technique that can help the team show off their hard work on the field. 

After a long competition or intense training session, cryotherapy speeds up recovery by reducing downtime, improving sleep, decreasing DOMs, and flushing out metabolic products. 

However, the benefits of cryotherapy stretch beyond recovery. The extreme cold helps physically and mentally prepare for the next match, allowing players to be in their best shape during the competitions. Athletes can take cryo sessions before training to boost their flexibility and joint movement, minimize muscle damage and increase energy levels. 

How it works

Whole-body cryotherapy immerses an athlete’s body into a cryosauna with temperatures between -130 degrees to -170 degrees Celsius. The treatment is non-invasive and contactless, where the exposure to the extreme cold release of nitrogen and air in the chamber rouses the body’s natural defenses, activating thermoreceptors in the skin. This, in turn, boosts blood circulation, metabolism, hormone production, and more. Given its wide array of benefits for the body, cryotherapy has gained popularity in the beauty and wellness, sports and healthcare industries.

About Cryomed:

Cryomed is a leading manufacturer of Cryosaunas for whole-body cryotherapy, recognized by clients and competitors. The company is a pioneer in the cryotherapy field, having provided Cryosaunas to Nike’s Oregon Project in 2010, one of its first customers in the US. Cryomed has two decades of experience providing the best cryo devices globally. Visit Cryomed to learn more about the benefits of cryotherapy treatment.

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