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Black Jesus Nativity Launched as a Conversation Starter on Role Models and Leadership

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Black Jesus Nativity Launched as a Conversation Starter on Role Models and Leadership

December 16
18:14 2022

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The World is for Everyone (TWIFE) has created a unique Black nativity scene. The objective of the organization is to start a discussion about leadership images through the introduction of this nativity scene and to show that cultures can transform their leadership image into one they can identify with.

The company’s mission is “to manifest the beauty and power of an inclusive world where everyone matters.”  To achieve this, they hope that people will see their black nativity scene and begin to have conversations about the need for change. All too often, western societies create dogmas that alienate those who are different from them. TWIFE wants to break down these barriers and start a global conversation about what it means to be a leader.

Even though Jesus was born in the region of Bethlehem, the Europeans pictured him as a light-colored person for ages. However, Christianity is global and so is Jesus. Today, millions of people have a heartfelt connection to Jesus and Christianity. 

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TWIFE argues, “If Jesus is deep within your heart, then who’s to say Jesus can’t look like you – no matter who you are? That’s why now, centuries later, it is time for other believers to have their own version of Jesus, too.”

For TWIFE, this initiative is not about being right about Jesus’ skin color; it’s about giving people the choice. TWIFE claims that humans are trained and shaped according to dogmas introduced centuries ago that no longer reflect today’s world.

According to TWIFE, it’s time to find a new path for today and also for the children of the world. TWIFE believes it is up to the current generation to ensure that future generations see the world as a place for everyone. The next generation should believe in themselves, no matter where they come from. They should experience leaders who reflect their image, share their values, and empower them to participate. The world has long been governed for too long by those who see themselves as protectors, but instead stigmatize differences and ignore the similarities that can unite. 

TWIFE believes that differences make humanity beautiful, that diversity makes society strong, and that cultural interchange enriches all. TWIFE desires to contribute to making the world a welcoming place for all – where minority voices are valued and listened to, never excluded.

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For TWIFE, the change all starts with a discussion around the Christmas tree and adding a Black Jesus to the scenery. 

To begin production of the Black Jesus nativity scene, TWIFE needs 500 pre-orders to meet the contracted factory’s requirements. For those who want to support TWIFE’s mission of changing the world: preorders are open at’s crowdfunding platform ( More information is also available on the TWIFE website,


The World Is For Everyone is a group of young people from the US and Europe with a strong sense of social justice. 

Their diverse team includes experienced online marketers, entrepreneurs, and eCommerce experts with 10+ years of experience in international product sourcing as well as founding and leading companies and eCommerce businesses.

They came together and decided to use their skills for the good of all and to challenge the current standards of leadership – starting with the Black Jesus Nativity Scene initiative.

With their hope to raise voices and disrupt the patriarchal, racist, and colonial thinking still dominating the world, they want to cry out loud, “The world is for everyone!” 

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