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Fivali Launches High-tech Massage Gun for Better relief and Recovery

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Fivali Launches High-tech Massage Gun for Better relief and Recovery

December 16
20:42 2022
Designed for muscle relaxation, Fivali’s massage guns aid with daily pain relief and post-workout muscle recovery.

Milpitas, CA, USA – Fivali, has always focused on the field of sports, with excellent product creation and innovation continue to break through the limits of self-challenge. Fivali’s strong product innovation and R & D capabilities and excellent team in the market make it constantly launch new products and services to provide consumers with more quality, convenient and efficient experience.

The fascia guns launched by Fivali this time are mainly divided into two categories: one is a professional massage gun, and the other is a household massage gun. They all have different characteristics.

The professional massage gun produced by Fivali has an ergonomic design in appearance. Although it is slightly larger in size, it still fits well in the hand, making it more convenient for users to hold it when using it.

“We specially used a special anti-slip material to make the handle part of the massage gun,” Fivali’s spokesperson of development team introduced, “Considering that users may get sweat on their hands when using the massage gun, it is easy to be unstable. In order to prevent the massage gun from falling and provide users with a good experience, we tested a variety of materials, and finally selected a material with excellent stability and anti-slip properties for production.”

Fivali’s professional massage gun can customize the speed and massage intensity, allowing users to adjust according to their needs and preferences. Compared with household massage guns, this one has more power and more gears to choose from, which makes this massage gun more convenient, quicker and more personalized to use.

In the professional massage gun set produced by Fivali, there are eight massage heads with different functions to choose from, which can be used according to the places where users need to massage. Their team has adopted innovative technology on the massage head, which can transmit the massage force more stably and safely to the deep muscle fascia and deep soft tissue, so as to better relax the various muscle groups of the body. Fitness enthusiasts can use the round head and flat head to relax the large muscle groups of the body. White-collar workers who are sedentary in the office can use the U-shaped head to relax the lumbar and cervical spine.

Next, let us turn our attention to the household massage gun produced by Fivali. They have a simple overall shape without losing the sense of design. Customers can choose and buy according to their own preferences. Small in size, it can be carried on the body at any time without taking up too much space. Its use method is similar to that of a professional massage gun, and it can also be used in hand-held method.

Fivali’s household massage gun focuses more on the user’s private experience. With unique silent gliding technology and high-torque motor, it only produces 40 dB of sound during work. When you want to use it in public places such as offices and fitness rooms, it will not affect others, and it pays great attention to customer privacy.

These two types of massage guns are designed with USB charging, which is more convenient and durable than the traditional wired connection. “Our deep muscle massager has a long life span”, the spokesperson of Fivali said, “It is able to be used for three to five hours after a single charge is completed. For most users, this time is enough to complete a deep and comfortable massage. Considering that some users are first-time users, they may use too long. Therefore, we recommend that the same part of the massage for three to five minutes as the best, when encountering pain points can be briefly stopped, or move back and forth. This way the recovery and soothing effect is the best.”

Fivali hopes to bring comfort and security to more people. Out of this concept, Fivali production team have been working hard for this, designing and producing with enthusiasm. They plan to use the company’s profound technology accumulation, advanced production technology, and professional production equipment to develop and launch more high-tech products that meet people’s needs in the future, bringing more convenience to people’s lives.

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About Fivali

Fivali was founded on a simple and powerful idea – To empower people all around the world to live a happy, healthy, and active lifestyle. The company aims to provide its customers with the highest quality of products along with superior customer service. Their team believes that they can only thrive by making a difference in others’ lives.

Fivali comprises a professional product team focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of products using the latest technologies. The team has significant experience and expertise in the niche and has won accolades for its user-friendly products.

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