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2022 E-Mobility Forum Revealing the future of electric vehicles and autonomous driving technology

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2022 E-Mobility Forum Revealing the future of electric vehicles and autonomous driving technology

December 16
17:36 2022

Organized by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) and implemented by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), the E-Mobility Forum was held on October 28 at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2. The theme of the forum was based on four major aspects that are new energy saving, new material, new technology and new service. Experts from the fields of industry, government and startup community were invited to discuss the latest technologies and business models in the era of smart EVs. Nearly 460 automakers and ICT-related industry insiders were attracted to the forum to exchange first-hand information and share insights in the smart mobility industry.

The Deputy Director General, Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA, pointed out that Taiwan’s electric vehicle components and smart mobility-related solutions have achieved high standards and been part of the international supply chain. Thanks to the strength of Taiwan’s ICT industry, Taiwan is expected to play a more important role in the global smart mobility ecosystem. MOEA will keep abreast of international standards in various sectors to assist Taiwan entrepreneurs in participating in major construction projects and smart city building construction at home and abroad, as to grow businesses.

The Executive VP of TAITRA, said that the Taiwan auto electronics output value reached NT$295.8 billion in 2021. Driven by the technology advancement in vehicle electrification and autonomy, vehicle electronics will become a new growth momentum for the auto industry. TAITRA will continue to promote the electric vehicle industry by holding the Taipei AMPA and 2035 E-Mobility Taiwan exhibitions. Through these exhibitions and side events, participants will be able to connect with international automotive industry players and explore business opportunities.

The forum invited representatives of the electric vehicle and telecommunications industries to deliver speech of different topics. Taiwan Power Company’s president said that with the popularity of electric vehicles, an additional 2.39 billion kWh of electricity will be consumed by 2030. With all vehicles being electric, a further 20.53 billion kWh will be required. This huge demand is both an impact and an opportunity for Taiwan’s power grid. Taiwan Power will continue to transform its smart grid and plan for electric vehicle power supply solutions. At present, Taiwan Power has set up a smart charging demonstration site in its Taipei City office, and together with the EMS power management system, the best power supply mode for electric vehicles in different environments is being showcased.

The President and CEO of Siemens Taiwan shared Siemens’ solutions through the edge of the power grid to connect the smart grid, electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, so that the energy efficiency of buildings and infrastructure can be optimized in an intelligent way. Currently, Siemens created a dynamic charging infrastructure for road freight transport, called “e-highway,” in Sweden and Germany. Trucks can operate completely electrically, and at the same time their batteries can be charged while driving, thus improving energy efficiency, and lowering operating costs.

How to solve the “Range Anxiety” has always been the focus of electric vehicle owners. The general manager of Yes Charging stated that the company offers the largest integrated charging service platform providing both electric vehicle and electric motorcycle charging operations in Taiwan. This platform provides a one-stop service to help EV owners solve range anxiety.

The CEO of Gus Technology then shared that solid-state batteries are considered to be a significant step toward solving frequent public accidents caused by lithium-ion battery fires around the world. Gus Technology is committed to the development of lithium titanate (LTO) battery cell technology, and has developed products with ultra-long cycle life, high safety, high charge/ discharge efficiency, and adaptable to a wider temperature range. It is one of the first alternatives for lithium-ion batteries.

The Sales Area Director of Texas Instruments talked about how advanced battery management systems, new power technologies, and system architectures are helping design engineers overcome some of the most critical barriers to widespread adoption, as the world drives toward vehicle electrification.

In terms of how software empowers E-mobility, the Managing Director of Automotive OEM, GARMIN Asia, mentioned that in the era of software-defining vehicles, each vehicle will have hundreds of millions of lines of code. We can see that global car makers including Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz are developing and running stand-alone OS in their cars, meaning auto makers are thus cooperating with chip manufacturers and Internet giants to design together. On the other hand, Garmin, as a software and hardware designing company, possesses professional technologies and innovative solutions that integrate digital instruments, automotive lens, and smartphones to help its customers riding the wave of digital transformation in the automotive industry.

Last but not the least, the President of Chunghwa Telecom stated that the company plays an important role as an enabler of smart mobility. By adopting AI technology, the company could interpret vehicle flow and parking grid information, shorten the time for finding parking spaces, and assist the traffic control center to optimize traffic management decisions. The future automobile is a large mobile data center, with multiple networking objects connecting other signals from other automobiles, roads, traffic lights, etc. Therefore, Chunghwa Telecom is to committed to building the Internet of Vehicles information security standards and creating a safe platform.

The E-Mobility Forum delivered valuable industry knowledge and brought vitality to the EV industry in Taiwan. Vigorous innovative solutions from Taiwan’s industry will further be showcased during Taipei AMPA and 2035 E-Mobility Taiwan in Taipei from April 12 to 15, 2023. TAITRA encourages auto makers, Tier 1 and international visitors to take advantage of the shows to witness Taiwan’s industrial strength and resilience, to find business collaboration opportunities, and to success in this automotive revolution together.

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