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Hailey Crean Nutrition Is Offering Crucial Guidance And Education For Diabetes And Nutrition

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Hailey Crean Nutrition Is Offering Crucial Guidance And Education For Diabetes And Nutrition

December 15
21:24 2022
Hailey Crean and her team of dieticians are providing important online nutritional guidance for those with Diabetes and metabolic syndrome. These online consultations teach people with Diabetes how to improve their health and begin to thrive.

One of the hardest and most confusing parts of a diagnosis of Diabetes is learning how to eat. Diet is crucial in keeping healthy and treating all types of Diabetes. Knowing how to eat and what foods to eat can be difficult to determine, with many online sources providing conflicting information. Going to see a dietician is often the best approach to getting the education one needs. 

Hailey Crean Nutrition makes this easy with their online consultations. This dedicated team specializes in diet for those with Diabetes and metabolic syndrome as they teach people how to eat in a way that improves their health and doesn’t sacrifice their happiness. 

Hailey Crean’s background and her passionate team of experts

Hailey Crean Nutrition was founded by Hailey Crean. Not only is Hailey a Registered Dietician, but she is also a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist and a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. It is her goal to help those with Diabetes learn how to eat intuitively in a way that will improve their health and wellness and help treat their Diabetes. 

Hailey has more than ten years of experience, and she wants her clients to know that healthy changes to their diet don’t need to be a complete upheaval of their life. Incorporating better habits, one at a time, can gradually improve eating and health in a way that becomes a lifestyle and not a diet. 

Consultations with her are done via telehealth, making them convenient for anyone to schedule and attend. These crucial consults are covered by Medicare and many other types of insurance, as it’s imperative to learn how to take charge of one’s diet and health. 

Hailey has two other passionate dieticians on her team, Kelsey Schaffstall and Cara Schrager. Both Kelsey and Cara are also Registered Dieticians with their own extensive experience and education. Just like Hailey, they’re available to schedule telehealth consultations with to create a customized diet plan to suit anyone’s specific needs. 

Hailey Crean Nutrition can currently take patients from Maine, Massachusetts, Florida, Utah, New York, and Ohio. For those in a different state or someone just looking to learn more, Hailey and her team also have a catalog of online courses for self-management as well as communities of others with Diabetes for community support. 


Initial consultations booked online with Hailey Crean Nutrition are offered at no cost, and many insurance companies will cover future work with this dedicated team to ensure diet and health goals can stay on track. 

Hailey, Kelsey, and Cara believe in the power of diet and food to heal the body and treat disease, and they’re sharing their expert knowledge with their patients to teach them just how they can incorporate those principles into their personal lives. 

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