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Pacific NW Dental Center Is Providing Dental Implants To Suit Any Needs With New Teeth In As Little As A Day

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Pacific NW Dental Center Is Providing Dental Implants To Suit Any Needs With New Teeth In As Little As A Day

December 05
14:27 2022
From single tooth to multiple teeth implants to full arches Pacific NW Dental Center has all dental implants needs covered. Their team of dentists is experienced and passionate about all of their patients’ needs.

When it comes to dental needs, it’s incredibly important to work with a trusted team of dental professionals. An experienced and compassionate team makes the difference with dental implants to ensure the best results possible in as comfortable an environment as possible. 

Pacific NW Dental Center has a team of experienced dentists who specialize in dental implants. They’re ready to take on any challenge to help their patients get the smile they deserve. 

Pacific NW Dental Center

Dr. Kwansoo Lee founded the Pacific NW Dental Center following extensive experience in the dental implant industry. He has a great dedication to constantly learning by taking continuing education courses every year, ensuring his knowledge is focused on the most recent studies and technology. He created the Pacific NW Dental Center because he believes everyone should have access to personalized dental implant care. 

The Pacific NW Dental Center team is committed to making all of their patients feel welcome and at home. They work hard to foster a family environment so that everyone is at ease when getting vital dental care. The team knows how much courage it can take to go to a dentist to get help with teeth, and they believe that courage should be treated with pride. 

The process of making a new smile begins with a free consultation. It’s easy to request this visit on the Pacific NW Dental Center website. At the consultation, one of their dentists will take a look at the patient’s teeth and discuss their concerns to create the best treatment and implant plan for that specific patient. They consider everything, from what is best for the patient’s health to what is the best fit for their budget. 

Once a dental plan is decided on by the patient and the dentist, the work can begin to build a brand-new smile. 

The dental implant options at Pacific NW Dental Center

Pacific NW Dental Center offers four main types of implants, depending on a patient’s needs and budget. All On X Implants are one of the most natural-looking implant options. This is typically for patients who need to have most or all of their teeth removed and will need a complete set of implants. These implants don’t require the upkeep of dentures and completely transform a smile. 

Snap-on dentures are an upgrade from traditional dentures. Instead of just sitting in the patient’s mouth, several implants are placed for the dentures to be snapped onto so that they stay put the whole day. Bridge implants help with only a few teeth that need to be replaced. This option helps maintain the proper shape of a patient’s jaw and keep nearby teeth healthy. 

Finally, they offer premium dentures that have a similar appearance to real teeth. 


The Pacific NW Dental Center is the ideal option for custom dental implants. With options to fit any budget and health needs, implant help is just a free consultation away. 

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