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Grateful Earth Coffee Introduces The Best-Tasting Nootropic Coffee With Six Brain-Healthy Superfoods

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Grateful Earth Coffee Introduces The Best-Tasting Nootropic Coffee With Six Brain-Healthy Superfoods

November 23
00:24 2022
With powerful ingredients like turmeric and cinnamon, Grateful Earth Coffee’s new product packs an abundance of health benefits. Multiple options can appeal to any coffee drinker with espresso and instant coffee.

One of the best ways to start the day is with a great cup of coffee. Whether made at home or purchased at a local coffee shop, nothing quite beats the feeling of taking those few minutes to focus on oneself with a quality coffee. But what if that coffee could also have additional benefits to one’s health? That mood-boosting cup could truly make an impact every morning. 

Grateful Earth Coffee is doing just that. Their coffee has six brain-healthy superfoods and nootropics to boost health and make everyone feel their best every single day. 

Grateful Earth Coffee’s goals and origins

Medicinal plants are a huge part of living a holistic lifestyle. At Grateful Earth they believe “Earth’s Gifts are all we need.” Medicinal plants can change a person’s life and boost their mood on a daily basis. Grateful Earth believes in sharing the gratitude they have for what the Earth provides with others. Many aren’t aware of the benefits of nootropics and adaptogens. These natural ingredients are a collection of herbs, spices, mushrooms, plants, and more that have incredible health benefits.

Plant-based wellness is founded on the numerous health and wellness boosts natural ingredients provide. Spices like turmeric naturally lower inflammation in the body. Naturally found mushrooms can boost one’s immune system. Combining these nootropics and adaptogens in various ways can help create even more benefits and different ingredients work together to produce more powerful effects. This research and a respect for the gifts Mother Earth has provided are what brought about Grateful Earth. 

The mission of Grateful Earth is “to help healers heal more people… Earth is one of our greatest healers, and we are here to share her gifts with you.”

Grateful Earth’s powerhouse coffee

Grateful Earth’s coffee comes as instant coffee and instant espresso. Both types boast the same six powerful ingredients that make this coffee so good for health. It begins with turmeric to fight inflammation in the body. Next comes cinnamon, that not only provides incredible flavor but it also packs powerful antioxidants. 

The power of mushrooms is represented by lion’s mane and chaga. These two natural ingredients provide a much-needed immune system boost and help the brain. L-theanine is a boost aimed at the brain with focus and cognitive health benefits. Black pepper rounds it all out with brain function benefits and a helping hand to the body to absorb the turmeric. 


Customers love that with this functional coffee there’s no crash, jitters, or feelings of anxiousness that most coffees do. Even better, Grateful Earth sources only premium gourmet coffee so that real coffee lovers don’t have to sacrifice flavor and the full coffee experience just to get the superfoods and mushrooms they want in their diet daily.

This blend of natural ingredients can benefit anyone’s health and is a great way to begin the day and a movement towards a healthier and more holistic lifestyle. 

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