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Canada Market Opens up to Beauty Shop From Korea

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Canada Market Opens up to Beauty Shop From Korea

November 17
15:02 2022
Korean beauty and skincare company partners with the Canadian market on the distribution of medical beauty products.

Korean beauty and skincare company partners with the Canadian market on the distribution of medical beauty products.

Popularly known as “Ushops”, but also referred to as, “Uniquan Shop”, this beauty care company is a B2B and B2C supplier in Korea. In its bid to expand its influence, Ushops broke into the international market for the distribution of its beauty care goods.

Some of the skincare products that Ushop provides to its international customers are from Farmstay Super food, Duff & Doff, Nemo, Derma Bell and Uniquan skincare brands. This Korean beauty skincare company specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of: anti-aging facial skin care, moisturizers, fragrances, brightening creams, body wash, and hair cream products. Many of the skincare products from Ushops have been medically approved.

Ushop relies heavily on online sales. This Korean beauty care company has an online shop where either wholesalers or end-consumers could check out beauty care items. Ushop is also hosted on an e-commerce platform known as Shopify Inc, which allows for the sale of the company’s products and services.

Although, Ushops supplies most of its beauty care products to the Canadian market, goods from the beauty care company are also been periodically shipped to U.S.A and, other parts of the world.

Uniquan Shops shipping is for free ON ALL ORDERS OVER $69 CAD to Canada and $89 to USA. That’s why, the Korean beauty care company also has onsite shops spread across different regions.

Ushops has adopted a strict tracking and insurance policy to ensure that all beauty goods reach their final destination and in case of any complaints, goods could be refunded within 14 days. 

However, the refunding policy is quite different for online purchases. Most Ushop products that are gotten from online orders cannot be refunded in person. Hence Customers are requested to return the goods to the Korean beauty shop online order department within 14 days.

Uniquan Shop was established in 2017 and has since then been importing and distributing Korean medical beauty supplies to wholesalers and end-consumers. The company relies heavily on Canada’s market and even its online listed prices are in Canadian dollars.

The only areas in Canada that are low on the supply of Ushop products are Yukon and Yurt. These are the only two locations within Canada, where customers cannot purchase orders.

About Uniquan Shop

Uniquan Shop popularly referred to as, “Ushop”, is a Korean B2B and B2C company that supplies beauty care products locally and internationally. The company’s online shop is opened 24/7 for customer’s to window shop and purchase orders. Since its establishment in 2017, the company has been in partnership with the Canadian wholesalers.

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