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Kira Urquiza, from employee to successful businesswoman

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Kira Urquiza, from employee to successful businesswoman

September 23
02:27 2022

“My vision is to help people and even more so when I solve any eventuality for them, because they trust me and that is what motivates me to continue. My success is helping people daily. But long before I became a businesswoman, I worked for someone in this same field for 4 years with a strict schedule and I barely had enough money…” Kira Urquiza shared with us her story.

“I had to look for a second job. But in that job I grew to the point of opening my eyes. I discovered my potential because that boss had already seen it too.

That’s why he wanted to enslave me, and when I realized that I was the jewel of the business, I asked for more money, it was fair. His answer was that he couldn’t pay me that.

So I told him I was going to open my own company and put together my own team. He answered me that I was unable to support myself without employees. Only a week later I was already opening the company with a name, logo and God’s blessing. I found that when they want to see you fall, it’s because they’re scared of your potential. I have been with my company for 3 years and with great results.”


We asked Kira to explain what is her company’s service.

 “We are dedicated to helping people protect their health, their loved ones, their finances and their legal rights. We provide the highest level of personalized service to individuals and families in cases, including clients who need help with complex issues such as, Personal Injury, Nursing Home Injuries, Third Party Accidents (Uber or Lyft), Slip and Falls, Victims of crime, commercial and home damage claims. Whether you need to get your financial house in order, have suffered an injury, are getting divorced, or need to navigate the immigration process, we will find a strategy to work toward the outcome you deserve.

We are dedicated to providing the highest levels of personalized service for each client, always with a strategy to work towards the right outcome for the client and their family.”


Kira and her future vision. 

“Accidents can create uncertainty in the future for a victim and their family, who find themselves suddenly incapacitated and facing disability and lost wages.

You need to know what your legal options are – and hope that there is a satisfactory resolution to your case. We have the resources and knowledge to protect your rights when insurance company adjusters try to get you to settle early or try to manipulate the events that have occurred.

Just as you would not try to cure an illness on your own, you should not face insurance companies and their expert adjusters without the advice of an experienced attorney.”

Find Kira in Instagram: Kira.Urquiza

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