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New innovative ultra-thin keyboard making typing easier with unique ergonomic keycaps

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New innovative ultra-thin keyboard making typing easier with unique ergonomic keycaps

September 20
18:18 2022
The new cutting-edge Kemove K68 is all set to wage a revolution in the keyboard world with a host of unique features like ultra-thin design, wrap-around RGB lighting, ergonomic keycaps, customizable switches, and more.

September 20, 2022 – With the world fast moving into a digital era, desktop or laptop-based operations are becoming the new norm, irrespective of industry. However, desktop or laptop-based operations can be extremely excruciating if those involve daily typing, especially for long hours. However, an innovative mechanical keyboard manufacturing company, Kemove, is all set to change the scenario with their new unique mechanical keyboard. Titled “K68”, the game-changing keyboard is uniquely designed to make typing more comfortable and more enjoyable than ever with its revolutionary features.

The major USP of the Kemove K68 is surely its unique ergonomic keycaps. Compared to traditional mechanical keyboards that are widely used in gaming scenarios, the K68 uses low-profile keycaps that are more suitable for everyday typing. Added to a soft and comfortable typing experience, the K68 keycaps also assure classy looks and mighty durability. Per the statements of the Kemove spokesperson, the keycaps are made industry-leading PBT material that helps to achieve sophisticated oil-resistance, prevent fading of letters, and scale up the typing experience to newer heights altogether. 

“We are excited to bring our all new and exquisite Kemove K68. We wanted to bring something that will be more enhanced and would be able to offer a more improved experience in every aspect compared to traditional mechanical keyboards – and thus, K68 was born. Inspired by butterflies and the Chinese legend of the love story of butterfly lovers, K68 stands out as a metamorphosis in the keyboard world – the revolution that the keyboard world has been waiting for years now”, stated the spokesperson. 

Another interesting aspect that keeps K68 ahead of the curve is its encircling light stream with as many as 58 LEDs that can instantly change the whole look and feel of the desktop, thereby creating a more exciting and immersive experience.  

Speaking on, the spokesperson stressed that the K68 has been designed to boost productivity to newer heights by facilitating seamless connection between devices. Users will be able to pair up as many as 3 devices with the keyboard and switch easily in between them, as per their specific needs. K68 allows connection between devices with Type-C cable, 2.4G receiver, and Bluetooth. 

  • Ultra-thin design
  • Unique Wrap-around light stripe design with RGB lighting
  • Low-Profile PBT Keycaps provide a soft and comfortable typing experience similar to Macbook’s Keyboard.
  • 65% layout, 68-keys Compact Size
  • Easily customizable hot swappable switches that can be altered without soldering
  • Type-C Wired, Bluetooth5.1 & 2.4G Wireless Modes Available
  • Programmable with Macro Setting
  • NKRO, is fully anti-ghosting
  • Long-lasting 3000mAh battery life that assures 30 hours and 80 hours of operation with and without RGB lighting respectively 
  • Premium quality silicone gasket assures noise elimination and reduction
  • Available with both Gateron Switches and Cherry Switches 

Kemove K68 is currently available on Amazon. Interested users can also buy the innovative keyboard from the official website of Kemove. 

For further information and to purchase, please visit and AMAZON

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