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Award-Winning Persian Filmmaker Melicka Finds Inspiration in New York City

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Award-Winning Persian Filmmaker Melicka Finds Inspiration in New York City

September 18
06:51 2022
Melicka, the accomplished young filmmaker and owner of Melickastudio, has traveled around the world but currently finds inspiration in the streets of New York City. Her photography and videography explore the city from unique perspectives, revealing the hidden beauty in a captured moment.

Los Angeles-based Persian filmmaker Melika “Melicka” Jamshidabadi, the founder of Melickastudio, is used to seeing the world through a lens. She started her career at 13 and worked professionally in the industry at 16, with photography and film. Her passion for life behind the lens began with filming and editing short videos at events or while traveling, but it grew into the career of her dreams. 

As a photographer, Melicka captures a story in a single photograph, whether she is working on product images for a business or a sunset beach shoot. As a filmmaker, Melicka’s films make a strong emotional connection with the viewer, using her art to relate to them. No matter the medium, Melicka creates visuals to make the observer feel something.

Melicka shares her work on social media, where she has amassed more than one hundred thousand followers on platforms like TikTok with her unique photography and videography style. Her posts garner thousands of reactions praising her distinctive perspective and eye for interesting imagery. 

She isn’t afraid to get down on the ground to get the right shot, as the behind-the-scenes video shorts she shares prove. Whether she’s getting wet for a beach shoot or climbing rocks for that perfect angle, Melicka doesn’t mind putting in the work. Her most recent videos are visually stunning collages that show her exploring the streets of New York City, finding beauty and inspiration in one of the world’s most famous concrete jungles. 

Melicka’s award-winning 2018 short film Disparity shows how the same sound can be interpreted differently, evoking memories of an individual’s experiences. She got the idea for the film when the sound of fireworks inspired feelings of excitement in her, and she realized the noise might not stir the same emotions in others. 

“I made this movie to open more people’s eyes to the world around them so they will take action towards bringing peace and comfort for those who experience hardships from war, poverty, and hunger,” Melicka said. “Let’s hope for a day that all sounds in all parts of the world represent peace, happiness, and something beautiful.”

She also received awards for her 2017 short film Time, which showed at the 2018 Cine Miami Film Festival. Her work is available on her Youtube channel. 

Melicka will continue to travel the world, capturing the beauty and a unique perspective at each location. She hopes to help people expand their point of view beyond themselves, to see the world as a whole. To learn more about her, visit her Instagram or YouTube pages for updates on her latest photo and film projects.

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