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Music That Syncs With Many Souls: Bad Black 315 Releases A Hit New Single That Speaks To Millions.

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Music That Syncs With Many Souls: Bad Black 315 Releases A Hit New Single That Speaks To Millions.

September 18
03:48 2022
Music That Syncs With Many Souls: Bad Black 315 Releases A Hit New Single That Speaks To Millions.
“Miracle” is an extremely titillating song with the simple message of peace and love in a world marred with all sorts of conflicts.

Bad Black 315 is a new up-and-coming artist with a keen eye for creating music that starts a conversation. The star wishes to create music that connects with millions and inspires some sort of dialogue at a time when the entire world seems to be at an impasse. It is Bad Black 315’s firm belief that music is the one sure way of connecting with others; it’s a universal language that exudes empathy and love.

The musician believes that in the world we live in now, only a “Miracle” could help us. In the tumultuous times that we are in it is only more peace and love, spread across the world that can truly uplift spirits.  As the singer says himself “Miracle is that one song that will draw the emotions from a giant’s heart, and the tears from an Angel.” It is this enduring theme that colors the narrative and tells our story with immense caution. Bad Black 315 is quite hopeful that this song will resonate with millions.

The song is especially unique because it touches on catastrophic and heartbreaking scenes with immense sensitivity to highlight the plight of the present while keeping the future hopeful. The song is now available on all musical platforms with twenty percent of its proceeds being donated to charity. It is through such acts that Bad Black Music cements himself as a welcome addition to the music industry. An addition that brings a fresh new wave of empathetic and idyllic music with him.

Stream the inspiring artist’s music on YouTube as well as Spotify here Follow the artist’s official social media page on Instagram for updates on newer music. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations reach out through this email [email protected].


Bad Black 315 is a west side Chicago Legend by way of Isola, Ms. The artist is well-known for creating music that syncs with the hearts and minds of a wide array of different audiences. The musician’s musical mastery is reflected through his immense popularity as well as diligence in producing music that connects with everyone. Regardless of our own position in the world there is one universality to our truth, that we all are afflicted by rapid changes that are taking place in our world today.

The rising star collaborated with the multi-talented South side of Chicago Zeek Wonderlen for this magnificent song called “Miracle”. This song touches on the catastrophic and heartbreaking scenes that plague the world. From wars, racism, and gangs, to the loss of loved ones, and anger among other things. All these cumulatively extend love and support to those that are afflicted by these problems. This collaboration shows the full force of the combined talents of these two artist in awe-inspiring brilliance and beauty!


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