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RESLIDES: The world’s first fully customizable and 100% recyclable sandals.

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RESLIDES: The world’s first fully customizable and 100% recyclable sandals.

September 17
09:33 2022
RESLIDES is an innovative series of fully customizable and 100% recyclable sandals that aims to solve the waste problem of the world through the proactive adoption of circular fashion.

The Zurich-based innovative eco-conscious company, Reslides, has recently launched the world’s FIRST fully customizable and 100% recyclable sandals on Kickstarter to combat the problem of resource waste. Titled “RESLIDES”, these revolutionary sandals are not just eco-friendly but also smart, stylish, and made with industry-leading materials for premium comfort.

RESLIDES sandals are made with sturdy materials for lasting durability. Designed in Switzerland, RESLIDES is backed by a patent-pending design, which, if approved, would be able to bring a breakthrough in the existing footwear industry. The revolutionary sandal series has been a finalist of the German Sustainability Award Design 2022. The sandals are made in the EU.

“We are excited to bring you our innovative series of 100% recyclable and fully customizable sandals- RESLIDES. Driven by the ethos of a green planet, our sandal series is our solution to tackle the problem of waste and overconsumption in the existing footwear industry”, stated the leading spokesperson from the Reslides team.

One of the major USPs of the sandal is surely the customizable straps that allow users to change the look of the footwear at any moment with just a change of straps, without changing the entire shoe. This customizable quotient helps to prevent unnecessary wastage of resources. Moreover, each part of the sandal is easily repairable. If one part of the sandal gets damaged, users can easily repair the specific part for reuse without changing the whole footwear entirely.

“We have collaborated with the leading companies in the world to source circular raw materials to ensure revolutionary eco-friendly footwear that can positively contribute to solving one of the biggest challenges of the world today.”

Top unique features and benefits of RESLIDES:

  • 100% completely customizable
  • Fully recyclable
  • Each part is simple to repair
  • Made with sturdy abrasion-resistant Mono-material TPU sole
  • Easily replaceable textile straps that allow changing the look of the footwear as per the different occasions and styling needs
  • High-quality footbed with soft cushioning for premium comfort
  • Clean, innovative, and stylish look
  • Easy to clean and maintain

The RESLIDES sandals are available in as many as 11 sizes- EU 36 to 46.

>“At Reslides, we are all about inspiring the world to proactively adopt circular fashion with one strap at a time. Our patent-pending design is soon to be approved and, once done, will go a long way in resolving many of the glaring problems faced and created by the fashion industry. Put simply, RESLIDES will help you to step into a greener and cleaner world. As of now, we are looking forward to starting mass production and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring RESLIDES to life and make the world a cleaner and safer place.”

>To show your support for the campaign, please visit Kickstarter

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