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When To Hire a Slip and Fall Attorney

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When To Hire a Slip and Fall Attorney

August 09
13:52 2022
When To Hire a Slip and Fall Attorney

The numbers of slip and fall cases keep increasing despite the best measures and precautions by both the workers and the employers. Well, the reason is that many injuries and accidents can take place even when neither of the parties is at fault; they may occur due to the natural surroundings and reflex body language/ posture. However, it does not mean the injured should not report these instances. It is imperative to bring such accidents under the notice of the managers, supervisors, or other relevant persons.

If you need qualified help or suggestions, you should be quick to contact our professional Brooklyn slip and fall lawyer at Brooklyn Injury Attorneys, P.C.

We hope to make this post informative and relevant for you. Some of the things you should know in this context beforehand are put down in simple words herein.

What is a Slip and Fall Injury?

Any injury resulting from loss of balance, tripping on things, or other accidents of slip/ fall nature fall under this head. Usually, these incidents are not caused by the actions of another person; it is usually the surroundings that lead to slip and fall injuries. It does not matter what has caused these injuries; it is essential to get the injured person compensated as a matter of their legal right. Our experienced attorneys have a huge success rate in handling such cases by having an in-depth overview of this topic specifically.

When Should You Hire a Slip And Fall Injury Attorney?

After specialized knowledge and several years of experience as a professional Brooklyn slip and fall lawyer, our team member has laid down the following parameters for answering the above question. Here is a look into when you should hire a slip and fall attorney.

Identifying the Cause of Injury

Many times workers are unable to distinguish if the cause of injury falls under the compensation scheme or not. As per our expertise, you should proceed with the process of hiring a legal representative in situations where the cause of injury lies behind wet floors, uneven surfaces, poor lighting, weak lifts, cluttered pathways, metal pathways, wobbly railings, no railings, icy pavements, and any other stumbling blocks. Lack of safety gear can also be one of the relevant causes.

Identifying the Type of Injury

Another way to determine when to hire an injury lawyer can be to know the gravity or nature of the caused injury. According to our experts, you should take prompt action when the person suffers from backache, neck problems, head injury, hip dislocation, pelvis pain, torn muscles, impaired ligaments, broken teeth, bone fractures, deep bruises, or more. Remember, it is always not just about physical injuries; one may also experience problems like dizziness, nausea, anxiety, and other mental conditions.

We are always available for a free consultation at our law firm, namely, Brooklyn Injury Attorneys, P.C. We are never letting you bear the loss solely; our qualified team will get you the compensation you deserve. Contact us today!

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