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MEGATHON ($MEGAN): The core reasons why Megan coin will flourish amongst competitors in 2023.

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MEGATHON ($MEGAN): The core reasons why Megan coin will flourish amongst competitors in 2023.

August 09
04:45 2022

Megathon is an eco friendly VR city found by some game developers and is developed with the initiative that it is close to dwellers imagination. Megathon as a city comprises of millions of spaces for your own personalized real estate which can be versed as ‘Your Game’. 

MEGAN is: With total ownership of MEGAN, dwellers can perform any action within the Megathon city and make time-to-time transactions with it.: 

* Tokenized asset created for the full operation of the Megathon City.

* Used for all transactional activities within Megathon.

* Staked as collateral when cloning oneself while gaming.

MEGAN Elements include: 

* MEGAN DeFi: aiming to provide similar financial products to banks while remaining decentralized and fair within Megathon. 

* MARKETPLACE: The marketplace is a trading platform, where all the trading activities will take place. Users will trade NFTs, services, and currencies inside it as described in the sections before.

* V-DAO: MEGAVERSE is Megathon’s DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). With the aid of MEGAN, users can participate in the governance of the Megathon community through voting and initiating new proposals.

* Galaxy Decentralized Capital (GDC) is a decentralized financial service provider in Megathon powered by MEGAN. 

How Many MEGAN Coins Are There in Circulation?

Megathon launched on June 20, 2022 with 1 billion MEGAN tokens created at Binance Smart Chain. All of which are obtained by mining.

Apart from Contribute To Earn which 30%, the distribution goes thus:

  • 20% reserved for PoS
  • 20% reserved for PoST
  • 20% reserved for PoB
  • 10% reserved for liquidity mining

 Who are the founders of Megathon?

Megathon is the initiative of three real estate enthusiasts Martin Bley, Tony Jimmy Riz and Owen Terry. All are US citizens residing at Turkey.

The trio are individually related to the real estate industry as successful brokers and got in touch with each other while attending to the Google Product Expert Virtual Summit 2020.

They also deliberately attended to the Google GDC Virtual summit 2020 and began the implementation of creating Megathon which had its initiative on only creating a city within the metaverse and making a total clone of reality within the city.

Where Can I Buy Megathon (MEGAN)?

MEGAN is currently at its crowdfunding stage which is currently sold at its website You can buy by joining the joining presale and purchase with any wallet of your choice including metamask, trusty wallet and many more.






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