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Instagram influencers Michael and Devyn are looking to bring awareness and support to the LGBTQ Community

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Instagram influencers Michael and Devyn are looking to bring awareness and support to the LGBTQ Community

August 06
09:54 2022
LGBTQ couple Michel Graham and Devyn Duncan are changing the game for the internet with their hilarious skits, love for treks and adventures, support for the LGBTQ community, and commitment to fight for equality and racial justice.

Jet-setting adorable couple and Instagram influencers Michael Graham and Devyn Duncan are making waves on the social media scene as they bring their followers on their travels, treks, and LGBTQ+ activism.

The power couple, who has a massive 30,000+ followers on Instagram, loves to post funny content on the platform, from their favorite bonding moments to posting comic videos and inspiring LGBTQ content. 

“We’re just a normal couple. Devyn and I are both in our mid to late twenties. We love to post funny content on Instagram and engage and show countless support for our own community. We want to show the world we are just like everyone else,” says Michael. 

Michael decided to turn his old personal page into a personal blog for them to give people an opportunity to follow them on their journey together in this big world. 

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Michael Graham Nashua went to college and joined the Army Reserves at 21. He worked as a Contractor for the US Government during his eight years in the Army. 

However, meeting Devyn helped him realize he has a safe space to express who he is and a support system in finally raising the pride flag.


“Devyn broke me out of my shell last year when I was 27, and I was able to finally be proud of my sexuality and completely be open about it,” says Michael.

The two started dating on May 5th, 2021. Michael, however, suffered an injury where he broke his leg just a month after they started dating. During the entire recovery process, Devyn had been basically his home nurse. 

Now, after over a year, Michael, a proud Baldwin Brothers fanatic, says he can gladly state that he’s back to walking now and looks forward to this journey. He’s a huge golfer, loves to ski and tennis, and is classically trained in French cooking cuisine. 

The two have a YouTube channel where they post their funny content and hilarious skits. Among the couple’s recent uploads include a comical act where they made a light skit about their admiration for American actor and screenwriter Steven Seagal, as well as witty content about a brutal shame cake.

Devyn and Michael are also proud members of MoveOn, a nonprofit organization that envisions a world marked by equality, sustainability, justice, and love. MoveOn members are a force for social justice and political progress, with members coming from all 50 states and all walks of life. 

Those who want to follow Michael Graham and Devyn Duncan’s journey in life and love may follow them on their Instagram page at and YouTube channel at to get started.

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