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Let Imagination and Creativity Flourish with Adventurous Books for Kids

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Let Imagination and Creativity Flourish with Adventurous Books for Kids

July 29
01:10 2022

Today, children have many entertainment options and many ways to explore their creativity. From videos and computer games to other interactive options, children have many avenues to exercise their mental abilities. However, when it comes to books, there is no replacement. It is a sad reality that children are now encouraged to opt more for tech devices compared to books. They are lured by the smell of opening packages rather than the fresh and crisp pages of a book. Being tech-savvy is one thing, and denying the minds of children the immense knowledge and wisdom that books bring, is another.

When it comes to young children, books are essential, and if you are to shape and nurture their minds and enhance their imagination skills, fantasy books are the best option. There are a gazillion reasons for introducing your kids to fantasy books. Right from developing their problem-solving skills and cognitive development to making them fall in love with reading, fantasy books can do a lot.

Many authors are now focusing on writing engaging content that could help in bringing back children to the world of books that is rightly considered the best friend of people. One such author is Jan Ezelle, who has authored the best fantasy books in 2022. Her books not only relay beautiful stories are but ones that have important life lessons and education that are forever imprinted in their minds. Her book,  Legend of the Dewberry Harvester, is full of riveting book adventure that are told in such a descriptive manner that it feels real. Her stories blur the line between legend and myth; such is her writing prowess.

You can find the best fantasy books of 2022 on her website that parents or teachers could read to them. Her books will be an incredible addition to the syllabus of young children who will be awed by the stunning imagery and fascinating stories – the essential ingredients of a good book.

Jan Ezelle, through her books, wishes to inspire both children and adults alike. Her aim is to make children fall in love with reading by making it fun and entertaining as well as educating. Also, Jan wishes to help those through her writings who have some form of disability by ingraining engraining their minds a very important message in a playful and fun manner – focus on what you have and everything will seem possible!

People can place an order for her books here and give your kids books that are entertaining yet life-changing.

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