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Big Bad Kangaroo Launches the A-to-Z Marketing Disruption Bootcamp Book for Entrepreneurs

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Big Bad Kangaroo Launches the A-to-Z Marketing Disruption Bootcamp Book for Entrepreneurs

July 06
13:06 2022
Finally, a marketing book that tells businesses WHAT to advertise, not just where.

Too Much Competition Online

In 1990, Tim Berners Lee invented the world wide web. Fast forward 30 years and there are over 1.6 Billion websites on the web. For brands, this means having dozens, sometimes hundreds of competitors in any category. Despite spending thousands of dollars on marketing, most businesses are struggling to attract, engage and retain customers. The problem is unlimited competition online, high advertising costs, and little return on marketing investment. To get ahead of the competitive clutter, businesses need an X factor.

Some Companies Are Killing It

The question is what are successful companies doing right that everyone else is missing? The authors of the “Marketing Disruption Bootcamp” book spent 18 months researching and decoding what some of the most successful companies from Silicon Valley and around the world are doing to get and keep customers. They decoded all that research into this easy step-by-step do-it-yourself visually engaging 300-page book revealing the 21 most important marketing strategies used by these successful companies.

The Key to Success: Attention, Buzz and Content

First and foremost, brands need to get their customer’s attention. Unfortunately, there is no roadmap out there for entrepreneurs. In fact, most attention-getting strategies are either shrouded in mystery or closely guarded corporate secrets. Second, businesses need to create buzz. This means getting their advertising message to spread organically from person to person through electronic word of mouth, on social media. Finally, once brands have captured their potential customers’ attention, they need to create engaging content that resonates with their customers on a deeper, more emotional level. The Marketing Disruption Bootcamp book addresses all three of these critical areas to help brands succeed in the mobile social media era with 21 powerful strategies. To learn more, go to

Time to Play in the Big Leagues

This book is meant for small and home-based business owners, entrepreneurs, start-ups, content creators and digital marketers who want to learn how to enhance their digital marketing campaigns and how to get ahead of their competition.

About Big Bad Kangaroo

Big Bad Kangaroo is a marketing agency that helps entrepreneurs and business owners develop effective marketing campaigns. They offer consulting, corporate workshops, campaign management, video production, script development and speaking engagements. Their flagship product is the “Marketing Disruption Bootcamp” book which provides the step-by-step marketing secrets that successful companies have been using to beat their competition in the mobile social media era. The visually engaging book includes a powerful proprietary worksheet, 21 case studies, dozens of business comics, 21 storyboards, and over 100 important recommendations and examples. It’s like getting $10K worth of marketing consulting in a do-it-yourself book. The book can be purchased at

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