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Tree Service Pros Fair Oaks Uses Emergency Tree Pruning to Fix Risky Tree

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Tree Service Pros Fair Oaks Uses Emergency Tree Pruning to Fix Risky Tree

July 05
20:15 2022

Fair Oaks, California – After a heavy storm last night, one of the white oaks standing on Jennifer’s landscape was left with significant crown damage. While the tree did survive the storm, its crown was left with numerous broken branches.

When the family woke up in the morning today,” said Jennifer, “everyone knew that something had to be done to the tree quickly. The broken branches were threatening to detach from the tree crown and fall on the landscape. This is not something the family was willing to wait and see how it would go.”

The homeowner noted that each of the branches on the crown weighed tens of kilos. What’s more, the tree was standing next to her house. Therefore, if one of the branches was to fall, the resulting damage would have set her back thousands of dollars in repair costs.

The fact that the family could avoid spending money on repairs by simply investing in an emergency tree pruning service led everyone on the internet,” said Jennifer. “The goal of heading to the internet was to find a team that would be willing to come and handle the tree trimming procedure immediately.”

The homeowner was impressed when she found the Tree Service Pros Fair Oaks website. The company indicated that it responded to emergency tree services quickly.

To visit the Tree Service Pros Fair Oaks website, use this link:

The company promised that it responds to emergency tree service requests less than an hour after its team received the request,” said Jennifer. “This sounded like a good deal. The husband called the company’s offices immediately and his call was picked on the first ring. The company’s representative noted that they would send a professional to the landscape immediately.”

The company reportedly kept its word. While Jennifer and her family were expecting just one professional to arrive on the landscape, Tree Service Pros Fair Oaks sent a whole team to take a look at the landscape.

The family did not even bother asking the team to first do a cost estimate,” said Jennifer. “The company had brought its modern tree service tools—including, a bucket truck and a crane—to ensure the project was completed safely. The family knew that even if the company ended up being expensive, the cost of tree maintenance would always be cheaper than the cost of repairing the house if any of the branches landed on the roof which was just about 5 feet from the tree.”

Tree Service Pros Fair Oaks reportedly cut up the branches and then used the crane to lower these branches down. Controlling the branches’ falling path, the company reduced the risk of property damage to zero.

Instead of relying on manual climbing,” said Jennifer, “the company used the bucket truck to reach the tree crown. The company did not just remove the damaged branches—its team of tree maintenance professionals went ahead and shaped the entire oak tree. By the time the team was done with the tree improvement project, the family could not recognize its tree.”

The homeowner was willing to pay any amount the company wanted for the service. However, Jennifer found the company to be more affordable than she had expected. Despite going beyond the safety improvement procedure that the homeowner had invited the company to handle, the team still charged a very affordable tree maintenance cost.

Tree Service Pros Fair Oaks will be the new tree maintenance company for the family,” said Jennifer. “This is a company that does everything necessary to satisfy the client.”

Tree Service Pros Fair Oaks base of operation is located at 4790 Dewey Dr, Fair Oaks, CA 95628, United States. The company can be reached by dialing +1 916-536-7962 or sending an email to [email protected]

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