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Can Cookies Really Change Lives? This Mom Turned Her Unique Cookies Into a 7-Figure Business.

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Can Cookies Really Change Lives? This Mom Turned Her Unique Cookies Into a 7-Figure Business.

July 02
01:30 2022
Can Cookies Really Change Lives? This Mom Turned Her Unique Cookies Into a 7-Figure Business.

Lauren Anderson, the Founder of Lolly’s Home Kitchen, turned her small cookie business into a seven figure company.
Lauren Anderson, is the founder of Lolly’s Home Kitchen and “Camp Director” of Lolly’s Cookie Camp. This former graphic designer turned work at home mom felt stuck until she discovered just how to let her creativity flow as a Cookier. What started as a hobby for a little “me” time and relief from a difficult time in life, turned into a small cookie business that grew into a seven figure company. Lauren teaches her secrets for decorating sugar cookies with royal icing at Lolly’s Cookie Camp.

Not since Mrs. Fields turned her delicious cookie recipe into a multi-million dollar company has a mom turned her cookie baking skills into such a successful business. Do you want to know her secret? It’s about the cookies, but not about the cookies at all — it’s about how it changes you into the woman you are meant to be,” says Lauren Anderson, founder of Lolly’s Home Kitchen that started in her home and has now grown into a seven figure business.

So how does a successful graphic designer with over 20 years of experience running various art departments and her own graphic design firm end up with basically a cookie business? Lauren discovered cookies during one of the most difficult years of her life, “I had a baby with a serious and life threatening medical condition called congenital heart defect (CHD) and my life changed in an instant. My son’s needs were so tremendous that I became his around-the-clock caretaker and as a result, I ended up having to leave my graphic design job. Eventually we found some stability, but something was missing. My mom was the one that noticed I needed something just for me, beyond being a mom and wife, and that’s when she introduced me to cookie decorating!”

Baking cookies is practically a rite of passage for moms, but most rarely venture beyond sugar and sprinkles. Lauren had always admired the decorated cookies with royal icing, sparkling sugar crystals, and even hand painted touches that she’d seen at special parties and on Pinterest, so she decided to play around with this as a hobby for herself.

She started baking cookies for school events and parties and people loved them so much that Lauren decided to open Lolly’s Home Kitchen. “My cookies brought so much joy and delight to my family and friends, and then I started marketing them on Instagram and taking orders – a lot of orders. What started as a hobby for a little ‘me-time’ turned into a thriving business,” Lauren shared. “But there’s more to it. Before I found fulfillment as a Cookier, I wasn’t thrilled with how motherhood felt. I loved my kids and we had a good life, but something was just missing. Then somewhere between the mixing bowls and the piping bags, I finally became the mother I’d always wanted to be. Who knew cookies could change my life?”

Beautifully decorated cookies, made by hand in the heart of a home, aren’t just cookies, they’re a family bonding experience that creates priceless memories. It wasn’t enough for Lauren to create cookies just for her business, she wanted to help other moms learn this special craft to share with their friends and families as well. She knew she was not alone and that there were other mothers who were looking to find themselves again. 

Since creating her very first cookie four years ago, she has taught herself all the do’s and don’ts of baking and decorating cookies through a lot of trial and error. I’m obsessed with creating more joy in life and in the kitchen. That’s why I created Lolly’s Cookie Camp so every mom can learn to decorate sugar cookies like a pro. I make it about the result they get – not just cookies, but about changing your life with cookies and transforming women into the mom they want to be.” Then, Lolly’s Cookie Camp took off and Lauren started creating more courses as more and more moms joined, it grew into a seven figure business and it continues to thrive.

Lolly’s Cookie Camp has everything a beginner needs to know and was created to be easy, clearly laid out, and ready to learn with Lauren’s secret recipe for beautifully baked cookies right from the very first batch. She also includes her unique and simple cookie decorating design techniques inspired by her years of being a graphic designer.

Cookie Camp is available for just $47 because her goal is to inspire moms to jump in and choose to have more fun and joy in life—through cookies! You can connect with Lauren Anderson and learn more about creative cookie decorating on Instagram at @lollyshomekitchen.

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