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UWANT releases the first spot cleaning machine to the world, creating a revolutionary home cleaning experience

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UWANT releases the first spot cleaning machine to the world, creating a revolutionary home cleaning experience

December 31
18:15 2021

At 8:00 a.m. on December 15th, London time, UWANT, a technology company focusing on intelligent cleaning, released its first spot cleaning machine to the world. It relies on unique cleaning methods to bring revolutionary new home cleaning experience to thousands of families.


“Children’s upset jam on the sofa, dog’s dirty footprints on the carpet, and cat hair. These stains, which seem to be difficult to solve and even have to be solved by housekeeping, can actually be solved by machines. “In an interview with the media, UWANT’s product leader stated the original intention of its product development.

UWANT defines this product as an innovative cleaning appliance with four functions: spraying water, scrubbing, sucking dirt and pumping water. Take stubborn stains on the carpet for example, just spray water and wait for 10 seconds before scrubbing with the brush head. After scrubbing, use the brush head to directly suck the sewage from blankets and sofas, which has strong detergency. It only takes tens of seconds to get rid of stubborn stains, and it is effortless. In contrast, manual brushing takes the same time but it is difficult to remove stains.

In addition to common stubborn stains on carpets and sofas, UWANT claims that it can also be widely used to clean baby bed urine stains, soft toy stains, curtain dust and even car interiors, etc.

However, it should be noted that UWANT is not the pioneer of spot cleaning machine category. Bissell has already launched many products in this category, but its market feedback is mixed. The launch of UWANT spot cleaning machine is more like bringing this subdivision to the 2.0 era, bringing a more perfect and humanized user experience.


UWANT is an Internet technology innovative home appliance brand that focuses on the field of smart cleaning and integrates smart R& D. production and sales. With *New Smart Cleaning” as the brand slogan. UWANT makes every consumer enjoy a clean, comfortable, healthy and beautiful life. It focuses on independent R&D of solutions to various home cleaning needs. UWANT has obtained a number of invention patents and initially formed a patent barrier.

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