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The working principle of circuit breaker researched by Easybom

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The working principle of circuit breaker researched by Easybom

July 26
23:06 2021

Easybom has collected rich information and conducted a series of detailed research on the circuit breaker which is widely used.

The circuit breaker is a switch device capable of turning off, carrying and breaking currents in normal circuits and turning off, carrying and breaking in abnormal circuits within a specified time. Circuit breakers can be classified into high-voltage circuit breakers and low-voltage circuit breakers. The division of high and low voltage boundary is obscure. Easybom has found that the circuit breakers is a widely used component which can be used to distribute electricity, start asynchronous motor, and protect power line and motor. It automatically cuts off circuit when serious overload, short circuit or other failures occur. In this situation, its function is equivalent to the combination of fuse switch and overheat relay. And it is unnecessary to change parts after breaking the fault current. During the generation, distribution, and use of power, power distribution is a significant link. The power distribution system includes transformers, and various high-voltage and low-voltage devices. Among them, the low-voltage circuit breaker is a device which is widely used.

After the study on the circuit breaker carried out by Easybom and a combination of the information provided by related experts, the working principle of the circuit breaker has come to a conclusion. Easybom has analyzed the working principle of the high-voltage circuit breaker and low-voltage circuit breaker respectively.

The working principle of high-voltage circuit breaker analyzed by Easybom

When a circuit is short-circuited, the large current (generally 10 to 12 times) generates a magnetic field which overcomes the reaction force spring, the trip unit pulls the operating mechanism, and the switch trips instantly. When overloaded, the current becomes larger, the heat increases, and the bimetallic deform to a certain extent to promote the mechanism move (the greater the current, the shorter the action time).

If there is an electronic type, the transformer is used to collect the current size of each phase. Compared with the set value, when the current is abnormal, the microprocessor signals, causing the electronic stripper to drive the operating mechanism.

The circuit breaker is used for preventing accident expansion and ensuring safe operation by cutting off and turning on the load circuit and cutting off the fault circuit. The arc of 500V and 1500-2000A needs to be broken. As a result, arc extinguishing is a problem that must be solved in a high-voltage circuit breaker.

The working principle of low-voltage circuit breaker analyzed by Easybom

The low-voltage circuit breakers, also known as automatic air switches, are applied to connect and break load circuits, and control motors operating infrequently. The low-voltage circuit breakers can be operated conveniently, and have high breaking capacity and various protection functions so they are widely used. When the low-voltage circuit breaker is under operation, the main contact is works manually, but it is closed electrically. After closing the main contact, it will be locked in the closing position. In a short-circuited and overloaded situation, the armatures appeal to each other. As a result, the free trip mechanism operates to disconnect the main contact with the circuit.

According to the description by Easybom Electronic Parts, the working principle of the circuit breaker is completely shown above. In the hope of introducing of electronic components, Easybom has deeply studied them.

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