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Healthy Eating Kids’ Book Just Launched in 2021 by Children’s Author Janice Maximov Condon

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Healthy Eating Kids’ Book Just Launched in 2021 by Children’s Author Janice Maximov Condon

May 11
20:45 2021

Children’s author Janice Maximov Condon, in partnership with illustrators Steve Ferchaud and Chris Ficken has announced the forthcoming release of Lulu! How Do You?, a stand-alone graphic novel in the Lulu series.Condon was inspired to write by her desire to teach young readers about healthy food choices, the miracle of gut microbes in the human body, and  the vital connection to their health.

In the first book, Ewww! Lulu Meets the King of Poo, Condon introduces the concepts of gut flora and how food can affect us through her memorable characters. In a dream, Lulu swallows herself and meets Emily Enzyme who gives her an ‘Incredible Digestible’ tour.  Along the way, she meets her new friends, the gut microbes: Abby Acidophilus, who shows her how to dance the Acidophilus Hulu, and the king himself, Benny Bifidus. Lulu explores how all of her friends work together to keep her body working, even if she’s so nervous about her science report that her tummy hurts. Stanley Stem Cell comes to return her back to her world, via the circulation pathway

In Lulu! How Do You?, Condon’s lovable heroine finds the  magic word that will transport her back inside her own body. She reunites with Emily Enzyme, who then introduces her to Louie Liver and Pammy Pancreas. They explain why unhealthy foods like sugar and high fructose corn syrup are their least favorite. The Kidney Brothers then add their input on liquid waste.  Again she meets Abby and Benny, the gut microbes, and asks them their favorite and least favorite foods. Stanley Stem Cell appears and brings Lulu through the circulatory system and teaches her the role of lipoproteins: LDLs and HDLs. When she returns to the real world, she can’t wait to share all of these amazing new lessons about healthy eating with her mom and those around her.

Ewww! Lulu Meets the King of Poo is for readers ages 3 and up while Lulu! How Do You? is for ages 8 and up and in graphic novel form  She is currently writing her next book, also targeting 8 years and up, on childhood obesity and diabetes.  “Children start critically thinking around this age, and hopefully have not yet developed deeply ingrained unhealthy habits.” Condon’s books are perfect for families with children of various ages who may enjoy learning about related topics together.

Reviewers applaud Condon’s ability to explain biology in simple terms, describing her first book as “a delightful story that teaches children the importance of health with gut microbes.” Condon also added a song she wrote:  Do the Acidophilus Hula! on her website to help children be active.

Ewww! Lulu Meets the King of Poo is available for purchase on or wherever books are sold. The second installment, Lulu! How Do You?, was released on April 28 on Additional sequels are currently in development. With stunning full-color illustrations, rhyming lessons, and a charming story, Condon’s series is guaranteed to be a much-loved addition to any collection.

Janice Condon is an occupational therapist and children’s author with a passion for teaching children about healthy choices. Condon can be found online at or on Facebook and Instagram @janslulubooks. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys fast-walking, yoga, swimming, and working on her small farm. She lives and writes in Chico, Northern California with her husband, Frank.

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