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Hailey Paige Flowers Tells Which Florals Customers Should Never Include In A Mother’s Day Bouquet

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Hailey Paige Flowers Tells Which Florals Customers Should Never Include In A Mother’s Day Bouquet

May 07
17:15 2021
If customers are planning to buy flowers for mum this Mother’s Day, they wouldn’t be alone; but it’s important to consider what the florals in the bouquet actually represent.

Melbourne-based florist Hailey Paige Flowers are local experts in the language of the flowers, and they have a few blooms customers might want to leave out of the Mother’s Day bouquets. 

The owner of Hailey Paige Flowers, Amelia, said there are a few flowers that appear to be whimsically beautiful, but their meaning isn’t what one would think. 

“One flower we tend to avoid is Butterfly Weed, a gorgeous, bright orange floral, which literally means ‘leave me’ or ‘let me go’,” Amelia said. 

“While we tend to use carnations, as they usually represent love and admiration, we suggest avoiding yellow carnations at all costs as they represent rejection, disdain, and disappointment. 

“Another popular flower the team here use often is lilies, but we avoid orange lilies which represent hatred, pride, and disdain,” Amelia said. 

“And finally, petunias are a popular slap-in-the-face flower as they send a message of resentment and anger.”

“The best thing you can do to create a meaningful, beautiful bouquet is to consult with your local floristry expert,” Amelia said. 

“The team here at Hailey Paige Flowers aren’t just experienced in creating stunning floral arrangements; we’re also well versed in the language of flowers.

“When words aren’t enough, we use flowers to communicate your messages of love and gratitude,” Amelia said.

“We use bouquets to tell your mum just how much you love her and care about her, and we love creating unique, personalised arrangements for each of our customers.”

Melbourne-based customers looking for a bespoke, beautiful floral arrangement to give to mum this Mother’s Day should head to Hailey Paige Flowers, who can help them express their feelings one flower at a time.

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