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Emerging Startup, Bäst, Uses AI Technology to Provide Teeth Whitening Subscription

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Emerging Startup, Bäst, Uses AI Technology to Provide Teeth Whitening Subscription

April 28
14:39 2021
At-home teeth whitening been popularized in recent years, but Bäst is the first company using technology to customize treatment plans & offer an affordable subscription.

A bright smile is more important than ever. That’s why over the past decade, startups have begun providing solutions for teeth straightening, tooth brush subscriptions and teeth whitening.

In the past, teeth whitening was only performed at professional treatment locations. However, an emergence of at-home professional grade treatments has made it easier than ever to get a glowing smile from the comfort of home. The major issue with these at-home treatments is that they are often “one-size fits all” plans, while in reality everyone has unique needs that should be taken care of differently.

A new startup called Bäst has created one of the world’s most innovative and affordable teeth-whitening plans. Bäst customers complete a brief survey in which they answer a few questions about their mouth, then the Bäst algorithm recommends a personalized whitening plan. The best part is that customers can subscribe for routine refills with each plan costing as much as a cup of coffee.

Prior to starting Bäst, the founder tried a myriad of whitening products but was always left with subpar results and sore gums. He discovered that whitening treatment plans could be easily calibrated by altering the strength of the active ingredient, as well as the duration and frequency of the treatments.

While many teeth whitening companies claim to use “unique formulas,” most actually use the same active ingredient: hydrogen peroxide. This active ingredient is an everyday household chemical that safely and quickly removes tooth discoloration caused by coffee, wine, sauces and other common foods. Most companies charge upwards of $40 per treatment plan, while in reality, it costs them pennies to make. This is where Bäst comes in. Bäst is disrupting the current model by providing wholesale prices and the ability to customize treatments on a customer-by-customer basis.

Inspired by direct-to-consumer brands such as Quip and Dollar Shave Club, the founder of Bäst believes that, “teeth whitening is an emerging niche in the hygiene market and teeth whitening has become a daily routine for many people, just like toothbrushing or shaving.” He also believes that “the at-home teeth whitening industry is ripe for disruption as new technology enables mass customization at affordable rates.”

Interested in joining the community of Bäst users? Customize a whitening plan at:

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