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An inspirational book full of classic fairytales: The 12 Labours of Dad and Other Adventures

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An inspirational book full of classic fairytales: The 12 Labours of Dad and Other Adventures

March 05
06:42 2021
An original collaboration between parents and children

March 4, 2021 – OnTime Books has come to announce her recently released book, titled: “The 12 Labours of Dad and Other Adventures”.

This book promotes gender equality, extols diversity and embraces fatherhood. This book guides the reader to find true meaning to their inner self and face life’s virtues with self-respect, freedom, optimism, justice, honesty, environmental consciousness, peace, dialogue, cooperation, compassion, kindness, sensitivity, simplicity, nobility, generosity, love, friendship, and joy. Mainly joy, for this is what moves the hands of the world’s biggest clock.

“For the Sun to turn, it takes a lot of work. Dad must accomplish 12 labours of repentance for the sun to come out of its personal jail.” “A fairytale full of inspiration. An original collaboration between parents and children, and a result that will amaze you” An excerpt from the book.

For the first time in the annals of history, parents and children have crafted an imaginary fairytale with illustrations exclusively of their own making. A book we got to know in Greek by Cactus (Kaktos) Publications, which caused quite a stir in 2020.

“Raising a kid is a continuous game with all the emotions. If you have one kid, you’re a parent; if you have 2, you’re also a referee; if you have 3, you become a triathlete, and so on. And it is great to understand how that game is played, on time. Because the truth is, a child enters your home and makes so much noise for 20 years that you can barely stand it. But then that child leaves for 20 years and leaves the house so silent that you think you’ll go crazy. Now be a small, a teeny-tiny co-player before you begin to wonder how it is possible for a child that used to be scared of the dark to have grown into an adult who wants to stay out all night.”

Today, OnTime Books, the spiritual guardian of Greek authors abroad, publishes it for the English market in an exemplary rendering. You will find it on the following platforms: Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and Kobo in either e-book or paper book format.

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