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What are the types and characteristics of nameplate logo?

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What are the types and characteristics of nameplate logo?

June 29
07:42 2020
What are the types and characteristics of nameplate logo?

nameplate logo

A signboard is a type of nameplate, which is an explanatory signboard with text symbol as the main body.The first definition of logo refers to the logo used in mechanical and electrical products. The use of nameplate logo is directly integrated with the product portfolio, so it is also known as a product label.

Types and characteristics of nameplates

Classification by Purpose

According to its purpose, product nameplate can be divided into mechanical equipment nameplate and decorative nameplate. Mechanical equipment description nameplate includes product main nameplate, indicating nameplate, decorative nameplate. The characteristics of each nameplate are as follows.

1. Main sign

It provides the basic parameters of the product (such as product weight, outline size, working capacity and use conditions), the specification, model, name of the product and the manufacturer, date and batch number, all of which are necessary records accompanying the product.

2. Indicating nameplate

It is the function indication of the local area of the product, such as switch, brake, grounding, safety indication, etc., usually expressed in brief words or specified symbols. The size of the plate is generally small, safety indicators are usually red; Line signs include equipment circuit, transmission principle, lubrication distribution, etc. Line based, connected to a specific symbol or supplemented by text tips, to provide convenient operation, maintenance.

3. Decorate the nameplate

It is usually the trademark of the product or the mark of the factory as the main body, used for the decoration and ornament of the product, in order to achieve the purpose of rendering atmosphere, balancing layout, coordinating vision, making up for defects and beautifying the appearance of the product. Although this kind of signage does not have much effect on the product function, it can enable consumers to establish a good impression of the product through the design and layout of decorative signage. Its design concept and craft production requirements are generally higher, may be said to be the sign design and production level of the specific performance.It is of representative significance to deal with the design and technology of decoration signage to promote the development of nameplate.


Classification by feature

Product signs of the form of appellation, according to its characteristics are divided into the following.

According to the outline shape of the sign

(1) rectangular

Is one of the most common forms. Suitable for any plane of the product, it has good adaptability to the appearance of most products and is convenient for processing.

(2) round

It is suitable for the plane or rotary part of the circular contour of the product, which is consistent with its appearance, such as the rotating hand of the valve product, the position marking of the exchange switch, etc., and can adapt to the relative movement of the workpiece and the label. Due to its round periphery, no edges and corners, it is also suitable for some special occasions, such as tool CARDS, access CARDS, etc. The mold is made by punching a simple mold.

(3) the oval

It is especially suitable for cone products, which can be in complete contact with the outer surface of such products. At the same time, the change of arc curvature of the shape will not cause discordant effect to the vision.

(4) profile

Specially designed to meet the needs of product modeling, should have a unique shape and style, commonly used as a Mosaic, or decorative product signage.Need to die blanking, so should consider the product batch, design should be careful.


According to the signs of the text, line features classification

(1) the convex type

Signs on the graphic, line protruding the surface of the base material, also known as Yang sign. Usually by etching or stamping. Metal convex signs of the character is often metal instinctive; Plastic injection label protruding text and text can be used for plastic secondary processing technology to produce different colors.

(2) the concave type

Concave text into the substrate surface, known as the Yin sign. It has good wear resistance. Text and text often embedded with color paint, decorative is not strong, and the same as convex.

(3) planar

The picture and text on the sign are on the same plane as the base material. Can be used to process, its surface color is rich in variety, can meet the requirements of decoration.

(4) the plane concave type

A slightly etched surface, more than a concave anodized plate. All of the above typical surface conditions, sometimes in the same board can be alternating combinations.


According to the form of the frame of the nameplate

(1) there are BianShi

A circumferential edge line shall be left along the outline of the nameplate. According to the form of its edge line and unilateral line, double line and flower edge several, to delineate the outline shape of the sign. The first two are commonly used in mechanical and electrical products, especially convex (yangwen) etch-painted small signs, metal edge has the function of preventing the paint leather from warping and falling off in the process of cutting, riveting. But because the border of the sign and the outline of the sign is relatively close, and the distance along the line is equal, so in the shear process of a little deviation, exposed defects, on the appearance of the finished product qualified rate has a certain impact.

(2) the endless type

Nameplate without outline of the edge, in the process of cutting visual deviation is not easy to find, but also conducive to improve the utilization rate of materials, used for decoration signs.Riveting is not suitable.

Signage can also be classified according to its process characteristics, but because signage decoration process is currently developing towards the direction of cross combination, it is difficult to use a single process form for division.

In addition, the classification of nameplate characteristics can also be directly addressed in the form of material and surface treatment.

A clear title of the nameplate is conducive to the establishment of a unified understanding of the nameplate, such as “copper, abnormity, Yin, chrome polished nameplate”. Through the characteristics of the appellation, people from its know the role of the sign, material, process means and molding requirements. It is meaningful to understand the function and form of signage, measure the difficulty of processing, and evaluate the processing cost.


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