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AXELOS Update: ITIL®4 Managing Professional Transition (PMT) – Bridge Program is here!

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AXELOS Update: ITIL®4 Managing Professional Transition (PMT) – Bridge Program is here!

September 27
01:42 2019
Course dates are out. Hurry up, ITIL v3 Professionals with 17 or more credits!

• #BridgeTheGap

• For 17 credits or more

The wait is over, fellas. ITIL®4 Managing Professional Transition course will have its first go on October 03, 2019. We couldn’t be more excited to announce our 1st ITIL4 PMT batch on the same day at Vinsys, Pune headquarters!

This is indeed great news for all the ITIL experts out there. As you know, ITIL®4 Managing Professional Transition (PMT) – Bridge Program is the newest extension to ITIL4. This is the second update of ITIL since AXELOS published ITIL 4 Foundation in Feb 2019. After the PMT Bridge Program, AXELOS is to launch two ITIL 4 PM Modules in the month of November this year. Looks like this year is going to be the year of evolution for AXELOS, ITIL and for all of us tech enthusiasts too!

“This is such a thrilling moment for me as an ITIL Trainer, to have the pleasure of facilitating the latest, most awaited and the most revolutionary ITIL Modules. This is huge and we better be braced for more to come!” says our SME Mr. Prasad Lele.

Thousands and millions of IT and non-IT professionals worldwide had been waiting to hear next from AXELOS. Now they are elated and hopefully relieved because becoming an ITIL4 Managing Professional is ensured to be absolutely trouble-free with this ITIL4 Managing Professional Transition Bridge Course.

This transition bridge course is no ordinary thing.

We know you want to know what’s in it. So, here’s a simple break up for you.

ITIL®4 Managing Professional Transition Program is a fantastic combo of 4 Managing Professional modules: ITIL Specialist – Create, Deliver & Support, ITIL Specialist – Drive Stakeholder Value, ITIL Specialist –  High-Velocity IT, and ITIL Strategist – Direct, Plan & Improve. Plus, since you missed out on ITIL 4 Foundation Guiding Principles, SVS, SVC, ITIL 4 Dimensions and ITIL 4 Value Streams, they are in it too!

This ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition bridge course has been created to completely prepare you for the comprehensive ITIL 4 Managing Professional modules that are yet to be launched by AXELOS. With multiple new additions in them and elaboration of ITIL 4’s Digital Transformation, this training program is sure to create the best ITSM support to the IT service provider organizations and their stakeholders. This 5-day course gives out the secret to the most innovative and very convenient techniques to utilize along with all the other frameworks like DevOps, Agile and Lean.

Here is a gist of the things you will learn in this ITIL 4 MPT Bridge Course at Vinsys:

Basics of ITIL 4 Foundation Certification

• Key concepts of Service Management

• Application of ITIL 4 and its practical and flexible approach

• ITIL Service Value System, its purpose and ways to implement it

• ITIL Service Value Chain and its components

• 7 Guiding Principles of ITIL 4 and Value Stream

Managing Professional Transition

ITIL 4 Specialist – Create, Deliver and Support:

  • How to design, deliver and support services through Service Value Stream
  • Relevant practices contributing to the Creation, Delivery and Support
  • How to co-ordinate, prioritize activities to Create, Deliver and Support

ITIL 4 Specialist – Drive Stakeholder Value:

  • Customer Journeys: How are they designed
  • How to nurture stakeholder relationships and how to co-create quality services
  • How to realize and validate service value

ITIL 4 Specialist – High Velocity IT:

  • Concept of High-Velocity nature of the digital enterprise
  • Digital Products and ITIL ‘Operating Model’
  • Digital Product: Lifecycle
  • How to deliver high-velocity IT with the help of ITIL Guiding Principles

ITIL 4 Strategist – Direct, Plan and Improve:

  • Understanding scope and plan, direct activities
  • The role of GRC
  • How to integrate methods into SVS
  • Methods of communication and organizational change management to direct and plan

What about the ITIL4 MPT examination?

What about the examination? Easy-peasy!

Last day/ 5th day of the training, closed book test, 40 objective questions, 90 minutes, no negative marking. You’re sorted!

Am I eligible to participate in ITIL4 MPT Bridge Course?

Now, prerequisites. ‘Cause here comes the important part.

This ITIL 4 program is for those who have achieved 17 or more credits/ ITIL Expert with the ITIL credit scheme in ITIL v3. The candidate must have attended an accredited training for the same.

Is ITIL4 Managing Professional the next big thing?

“This ITIL4 Managing Professional Transition Bridge Course is the most ideal for ITIL v3 experts.” says Raghav from Corporate Sales, Vinsys. He adds, “I’ve received a great deal of queries from ITIL v3 Experts regarding upgrading to ITIL 4. Going for ITIL4 Foundation somehow used to seem like a ‘step-down’ to them. Now, with the new ITIL4 MPT Bridge course out, the batch enquiry calls just won’t stop!”

The ITIL4 Managing Professional Transition Bridge Program at Vinsys will not just confirm your command on ITIL Framework and support you with ITIL 4 Foundation basics, but will also educate and mentor you on the Managing Professional modules that will get you close to becoming a Strategic Leader.

You’d be surprised to know the demand for ITIL experts in the world today. Organizations are on a constant hunt for IT Consultants, Service Delivery Managers, IT Support Managers, Quality Analysts, IT Architects and IT Audit Managers. Also, in case you don’t know, ITIL goes beyond IT. It is useful and practical for every single domain that exists. Each level of ITIL certification holds the caliber to drive you all way up to the next level corporate ladder. We’re not kidding!


In a nutshell, every single professional has to upgrade one day. Why wait for the lucky day to come, when you can do it TODAY! ITIL4 is a wonderful journey filled with rebellious, digitalized, revolutionized methodologies. Pick up your mantle of knowledge and move ahead.

To know all about ITIL®4 Managing Professional Transition Training Program at Vinsys, click here and to read awesome IT Service Management related blogs and updates, click here.

See you in the future! Till then ITIL 4ever!

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