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World Record Holding Plastic Surgeon Remains Top Cosmetic Breast Surgeon in Philadelphia

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World Record Holding Plastic Surgeon Remains Top Cosmetic Breast Surgeon in Philadelphia

September 27
01:00 2019
World Record Holding Plastic Surgeon Remains Top Cosmetic Breast Surgeon in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA – Dr. Ted Eisenberg, a plastic surgeon at Philadelphia’s Looking Natural, is the first and only surgeon in the city to dedicate his practice entirely to cosmetic breast surgery. After performing more than 6,600 breast augmentation surgery procedures in his lifetime, Dr. Eisenberg has become recognized as a leading authority in his industry.

Despite his practice’s record breaking procedures, Eisenberg attribute’s Looking Natural’s success to its team of caring technicians. Eisenberg promises that everyone that chooses Looking Natural feel as comfortable as possible. They make working closely with patients to ensure they have the smoothest procedure a priority. As a result, the practice has benefited from years of word-of-mouth advertising.

The majority of the patients that book appointments for a breast augmentation surgery at Looking Natural are above the age of 22. Doctors traditionally agree that silicone breast implants should only be recommended for women over that age. However, Eisenberg has treated patients under the recommended age of 22, but still in need of this procedure to live their highest quality of life. According to Eisenberg, if a woman is insecure about breasts to the point that they’re affecting her physical and mental health, she is worth an appointment.

Fortunately, Dr. Eisenberg is a strong proponent of saline implants and the various benefits they have to offer. Saline implants are available for women starting at the age of 18. Eisenberg believes there is no need for an 18 year old patient to deal with being uncomfortable in their own skin for an additional 4 years just to receive silicon. Instead, they can receive immediate treatment with saline.

Dr. Ted Eisenberg stresses that saline implants provide a natural feel, despite the wide conception that silicone offers a more natural look. Another important benefit of saline implants is that they are inserted prior to being filled, which makes the incision during the procedure appear much smaller in comparison to a silicone incision. Saline also implants also have the opportunity to be larger than silicone, all with a more natural look.

Dr. Ted Eisenberg and his team at Looking Natural pride themselves on not just their record breaking service, but also their attention on their patients. Those interested in silicone or saline implants are encouraged to make an appointment with Dr. Eisenberg at his Philadelphia office for more information on the procedure.

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