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Dr Paulo Pinho Completes Fifteen Years in Providing Affordable Oral Surgery in Sydney

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Dr Paulo Pinho Completes Fifteen Years in Providing Affordable Oral Surgery in Sydney

August 10
10:06 2019
Dr Paulo Pinho Completes Fifteen Years in Providing Affordable Oral Surgery in Sydney

Affordable Dentist Sydney | Dr Paulo Pinho | 15 Years High Quality Service
With a focus on providing efficient, safe, and cheap wisdom teeth removal and dental implants in Sydney, Dr Paulo Pinho completes 15 years in providing affordable oral surgery.

Sydney, New South Wales – August 9, 2019 – Since setting up his own practice, Paulo has seen thousands of patients. He has removed over 20,000 Wisdom Teeth and placed over 2,500 Dental Implants in Sydney and Melbourne over the past 15 years and is proud to have an Impeccable Safety Record.

Dental Implants in Sydney

When asked about this, “Since receiving his licence to practice dentistry in Australia in 2005 and going out on his own, Dr Pinho has limited his practice to wisdom teeth extraction and dental implants, working closely with other oral surgeons,” replied the spokesperson of Dr Paulo Pinho.

He also continued, “These two oral surgery procedures are both ones that can help patients with the quality of life – and also tend to be more expensive. Because Paulo sees a high number of patients and is adept at quick surgical procedures, he’s able to negotiate better rates, including for hospitals and day surgeries. That translates into more affordable dentistry for you.”

As a proud member of the Australian Dental Association, Dr Pinho is skilled in performing oral surgery under local and general anaesthetic. He ensures that every aspect of your treatment is as relaxed and calm as possible. He uses the latest dental technology and techniques to support his safe and painless approach to oral surgery, tooth extraction and wisdom teeth removal in Sydney.

With 15 years of experience in placing dental implants and removing wisdom teeth, Dr Paulo Pinho focuses on providing a quality and efficient service at possibly unbeatable costs.

The wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney for a simple procedure with no complexity is $225 – $250, and the cost for surgical wisdom teeth removal is $250 – $375.

The full dental implants cost in Sydney is $2850, which includes $1500 for implant fixture, and $1350 for the implant crown. Dr Pinho uses only Australian-approved high-quality dental implants.

“Dr Paulo Pinho believes the cost for Dental Implants is over-inflated in the industry, with some dentists charging up to $6,000 for a single implant. That isn’t value for money. The price difference between dental implant systems is rarely more than $100, so if you’re paying thousands more for an implant, then you’re simply paying a bigger margin,” commented the spokesperson.

About Dr Paulo Pinho

As the cost for dental implants and wisdom teeth removal is over-inflated in the industry, Dr Pinho is committed to offering high-quality wisdom teeth removal and dental implants procedures at a low cost. Visit for more information.

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