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July 10
08:59 2019

The teams behind and are thrilled to share the success of a networking event during the latest cryptocurrency centric conference. The Asia Blockchain Summer Party of 2019 brought a wonderful array of different organizations together for a first-class style event. Hosted in Tai Pei, the event showcased a wonderful array for the best and brightest minds within the cryptocurrency sector to share thoughts and ideas together in person. A special thank you to our chief sponsors including Lux Global Holdings, Conflux, PayExpress, and Maximine. Furthermore, thank you to the other 25 sponsors for the event (all of whom are listed below). That being said, we also want to send a thank you to everyone who attended the event. We work hard to put together these events and appreciate all those who attend. The 2019 Asia Blockchain Summer Party event was a great success thanks to everyone who put in the effort to make it out this year!

Today we will provide a brief highlight of the event while also discussing the chief sponsor’s core business propositions. We will highlight the companies of Origin Protocol, Swaps Network, ConFlux, and Conun with a brief overview of their service offering. Through this process, we will also highlight the event. We hope this inspires you to attend one of the many networking events we put on together throughout the world. That being said, let us dive right in!

Aurora, VP of and Founder of Crypto Capital

Jay, Regional VP at Korea of, introduces sponsors


Allen, Director of international operations of, introduces BW recommended project Origin Protocol


Jesse, International Director of



Matthew, Co-founder of Origin Protocol

We have specially invited Matthew Liu, co-founder of Origin Protocol to give a speech. The Origin Protocol offers a decentralized alternative to many of the popular peer-to-peer networks in the world. The team has deployed a solution via the Ethereum blockchain to power this vision.

Marco, Advisor of Swaps Network

The Swaps Network plans to disrupt the OTC marketplace by connecting buyers and sellers within the global marketplace. The Network offers many exciting features to support their mission in creating an OTC marketplace for cryptocurrency assets.

Zhe Tang, Operations manager of Conflux

The Conflux team offers a state-of-the-art blockchain solution which aims to achieve high transactions per second while sustaining the integrity of the network. To this point, the team wants to see a high level of TPS while still sustaining decentralization and the security within the network.

Elise, Marketing Director of Conun

The Conun team offers an exciting supercomputer protocol powered by a decentralized network. The team has created a world’s first network capable of processing huge amounts of data by distributing the processing costs across its network.

Great Minds & Great Food

One thing you can be assured of when attending an event by and, there will be great company and great food at these events. We believe a networking event should be a social and fun event. This relaxed environment seems to bring out the best conversation, especially when spurred by a good atmosphere with enjoyable food. This is always the goal of the staff when putting together a cryptocurrency networking event. Below you will find a few photos showcasing both of these features and again we hope that in the future if we are hosting an event near you that you feel compelled to attend!













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