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Baldi Digital network – Great thought and technological revolution

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Baldi Digital network – Great thought and technological revolution

June 24
03:29 2019

The decentralized application carries the great ideal of reshaping the Internet. But it finds that the existing infrastructure is still in its infancy. The traditional financial service system is limited by regional restrictions, high cross-border remittance fees, and losing control of personal assets. All of the above are practical problems that must be solved in the current social development. At this moment, Ryan Fugue (one of the earliest founders of Ripple) pioneered the new situation of the blockchain – the Baldi Digital network.

Baldi Digital network is the next generation of open Web 3.0 transport network infrastructure. The goal is to enable global users to enjoy a network infrastructure that is borderless, efficient and secure. Baldi Digital network provides the industry with quality solutions and solves three problems in the blockchain:

1. The security and openness of centralized assets.
2. The regional trust of financial derivatives.
3. Compatible with multiple system, and multi-language virtual machines run synchronously.

Five technical group modules to support the solution:

1. POB burning proof + Baldi BFT
2. Anti-quantum security edge calculation
3. Multi-layer state channel lightning network
4. Baldi Multilingual Intelligence SDK
5. Interconnected synchronous cross chain

The powerful research team based on Baldi network and the operability of the above technologies have attracted the support alliance of international institutions and enterprises, including: investment institutions / strategic alliances:

Microsoft Blockchain Lab, IBM, Cisoc, Wells Fargo, Deutsche Bank, Linux Cncf, London Stock Exchange … It will be updated in the future, which is to provide more power for the industry. Let’s look forward to it together.

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